Friday, April 8, 2011

the one that is first.

hello blogging world!

ive given in. im starting a blog. while i dont think i have anything particularly enlightening or clever to share, i am excited about it being a bit of a creative outlet. i also have maybe the worst memory of all time and i'd love to have some place where my memories and experiences are somewhat documented and captured. it adds some organization to my jumbled brain :)

where i am now: rob & i are living in raleigh and have been married for almost 3 months now (what?!). we have a little cozy one bedroom apartment...rob's favorite part is the fake fireplace. we are still setting up house and getting into our new routine living together! we both are incredibly blessed to have great jobs that we are loving more & more everyday. we attend a wonderful church that we both love, The Summit Church. we love it most because it grows our love for the Lord daily.

i think everyone of my posts should have a picture because that's what i love most about blogs :) here are a few recently...
 my adorable brother & nephew...finley's obsessed with his uncle will

obsessed with my nephews.

 celebrating rachel's birthday!

okay and some not so recently... i miss the sun and our honeymoon! :)

sorry for the gooey one below..

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  1. Nicole I love your blog! I guess you knew Rob before you worked at CWR (if I'm getting my dates right) crazy..that feels like so long ago!


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