Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the one about goodwill.

rob & i have a slight obsession with thrift stores, and especially goodwill (since that's the one that we can find most often and have had the most success with). it's really fun for us to have a store that we both love to explore...rather than one of us talking the other one into going :)

our most exciting goodwill find (to date) was 2 weekends ago. we have an awesome goodwill right near where we live, in brier creek. i think i've gotten a bookcase, wooden 3 drawer set, several frames and vases there through the years...and recently i even found some awesome brand name dresses & shirts! we stopped by two saturdays ago, just to browse around. annnnnnd we found an awesome kitchen table!!

here is our new table, at the store.

we've been saving $60/month for a kitchen/dining table. right now, my awesome sister sarah is lending us her old one but we wanted to save for our own. we were thinking it would take us a year or so to save for one we would really love and that would last us awhile. we bought this one for $60 TOTAL...table and 4 chairs!! it's great wood - we think it's oak.

it's going to be a big project to get it all fixed up, but we're really excited to work on it together. i really love the oval shape and there are some cool details on the shapes of the legs and chair backs.

we'll have to sand down all the wood, especially the top. then we'll restain it a darker color.

i also am excited to find some new fabric to re-cover the seats.

another exciting find was at a goodwill in raleigh this past weekend that we'd never been to before. (sarah - you need to check this one out!) we found three old really pretty books. and they're not just cool looking but we actually really like these books :) rob loves edgar allen poe, we both love sherlock holmes (this edition has the original illustrations from when it was first published in the paper), and my first book i can remember really loving is the diary of a young girl, by anne franks. im really excited to re-read it. these are all hardbacks so they are a bit more expensive...$1.50 each :)


  1. I feel like you should maybe paint the chairs a cOlor. Love when young house love does that. Just a thought :o). Rebecca

  2. Great find N! I just found my last kitchen table chair! We are having a "make that old chair new" party at my house to show everyone how to refinish an old chair. I wish you lived here and could join us! I'll be sure to post pictures though!

  3. I am inspired and more resolved than ever to redo everything in my house. AND getting excited about our painting date when you come over and force me to paint things that I'm too scared to but really really should:)

  4. becca: ive been debating painting the chairs...i cant decide! i dont know what color i would do that would be pretty & not tacky.

    shannon: wish i could come to your party! im going to use your advice on reupholstering chairs from when you did it to that pretty chair you found:)

    susan: i cannot wait to paint furniture with you! we NEED to set a date :)

  5. Courtney SamuelsonApril 13, 2011 at 5:33 PM

    I love the table!! What a great find!

    We are on the lookout for a new dining room table and David's top place to find it is Goodwill. Perhaps the 4 of us will have to do a thrift outing :)...we will need some tips!!

  6. So glad you have a blog! Great table-I know it will be an amazing finished product!


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