Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the one introducing reggie

this is reggie. he is my car.
i love reggie. he is my first real car that i've had all to myself and he's very sleek looking. plus he has a cool dashboard, which is really important to consider when buying a car (FYI).

however, reggie has had many problems since i got him. and this is typically what i see in my aforementioned beautiful dashboard:

it's just stressful. 
lately, reggie has been behaving himself....until friday. i went out to my car on my lunch break to go grab some food...and my car wouldn't start. i knew i was low on gas, so i just figured i had run out of gas and was kicking myself. BUT i instantly felt extremely grateful that i was in a parking lot, rather than stuck on the side of the road. 
ryan & tim (two guys i work with here...ryan officiated our wedding and tim is my awesome boss) came to the rescue! while tim and i were scavenging around for some container we could use for gas...ryan just drove to sheetz, bought a gas can, and filled it up. then he and tim spent probably 1.5 - 2 hours filling it up and trying to get it to start again. 
they sent this picture to rob, saying "your wife should NEVER run out of gas". hilarious. (i made the coloring extra dramatic like they are superheroes)

it still wouldn't start when it was time to leave for the day/ we left it in the parking lot and tim said his good friend would come check it out this weekend (seriously saving the day). we received the diagnosis saturday night...

the latest thing wrong with reggie...
this is called a camshaft position sensor
...didn't even know these existed :)
while this is slightly frustrating/annoying, i am so thankful for many reasons: i had so many wonderful people that offered to help when they saw my car broken down, i didn't break down in the middle of the road or somewhere where i'd have to get it towed, i have a friend who's a car mechanic is trying to fix it for free!, and rob has enough flexibility in his job where he can pick me up and drop me off. imagine if this had happened just a few months ago before we were married! so while it's inconvenient, there is much to be thankful for.

and, ps, there is much to rejoice in! 
check out this incredible video from our church, recapping easter weekend:
Summit Church Easter Experience from The Summit Church on Vimeo.

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