Monday, May 2, 2011

the one where caroline gets baptized

our Easter weekend this year was extra special because we got to celebrate our friend caroline's baptism! rob and i were so excited to share in this special day for her!

we know caroline's family, the thompsons, through our church. jen, david, caroline, ellie, james, and cole are so special to us...they always make us feel so special & loved when we see them :)

sweet caroline is 9 years old and has decided to follow Jesus! she made this decision public by being baptized in front of our church family this past weekend. we are so proud of her - following Jesus is the best and biggest decision you can make in your life.

me & caroline right after her baptism :)

it was really special since her dad, david (one of the pastors), was the one to baptize her! i think everyone in the crowd was tearing up as he talked about his daughter and her faith.

before the baptism with her sweet momma

i LOVE this picture...david & caroline

beautiful girl

ellie and james cheering her on with their grandparents :)

we love you, caroline! we couldn't be more excited for you :)


  1. LOVE your blog and especially this post, of course. Thank you for your precious words (and drawings) of encouragement. And tall Rob, THANK YOU for taking the photos. I was able to fully be with Caroline and not worry a bit about pictures. That was such a gift to our family.

  2. I like this post! Caroline

  3. Nicole! I am so glad ya'll were able to catch this on film. I missed the actual event and was so bummed, but this makes me smile. I'm gonna share it with Amber if that is ok, I know she will love hearing Caroline's news :)

  4. caroline - so glad you liked it! ill make a cd of pictures for you :)

    courtney - feel free to share with amber! im so glad i could "help" out! :)

  5. found this post through Jen's post. thanks for sharing these sweet pictures of Caroline! she is such a beautiful girl and this is so exciting that David got to baptize her!


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