Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the one with a cute apron

lately, ive been trying to learn how to cook (and/or bake). im not very naturally gifted (and by "not very", i mean "not at all"...can i get an amen, keegan sisters?) but i have so many new kitchen tools and i like to eat good food, so i am trying :)

the most important tool for me in the kitchen is a cute apron. TOTALLY essential and very necessary and totally affects the quality of the food. i used some wedding money to buy this sucker at anthropologie.
in love with anthropologie aprons. (or anthro in general)

two weekends ago, i tried making a lasagna for the first time. it was really fun and it tasted pretty good for the most part... except the noodles in the lasagna weren't quite tender enough.

the before picture (forgot to get one after). 

i also tried to make some chocolate chip cookes from scratch (mostly because i wanted an excuse to use my kitchenaid mixer). it was also really fun but not super successful...
here i am happily baking, in my saturday clothes.

i think rob said "make a game face".

and here are my sad little flat cookies after...i thought they tasted way too vanilla-y and also were clearly very flat. rob loved them though! i sent this picture to becca (who is an amazing baker) and she said to add more flour next time...

rob also helps out in the kitchen a ton since we both work full-time... he will often make breakfast for me in an effort to make me eat in the morning. he's also the grill master (and by grill, i mean griddle, since we don't have a porch for a grill). recently he has mastered the art of the omelet.

and hey, while we are on the subject of cooking, let me know if you have any good crock pot recipes! im dying to try mine out but i haven't found a good recipe yet :)


  1. Love the apron, you're so cute!!!
    One of my favorite recipe sites is try it out and let me know what you think :)

  2. I love talk cooking! Let's work that in while the guys are smoking cigars next time! After we move, life should be simpler...and remember, I could not even make a grilled cheese when we got married. I also made a peach pie with the skins on. Edible, but not delicious. Love you!

  3. nicole, you are adorable!

    and i love my crockpot, just used it to make strawberry butter, and it turned out great. but seriously, crockpot meals are amazing--throw it in before work, and the house smells incredible and dinner is ready to go when you get back! a great resource for crockpot cooking is this website:


    I've made this so many times - its is super easy and extra delicious! I usually serve it with sour cream and avocados with soft tortillas (yum)!

    glad you see you are doing great, nicole!!

  5. I love to bake but don't do it often because we will literally eat it all in a sitting. Let's plan a baking date and whip up some yummy goodness!

  6. so I don't know you super well, but I am stalking your blog as I fall asleep and I think I can solve your cookie woes: 1) no pam/oil/butter on the cookie sheet--- that is why they spread out like that. The butter/oil that goes into the dough will be enough to keep them from sticking 2) if you have enough time, let your dough "rest" for at least 12 hours before baking...the easiest way to do this is to just make the dough the night before, and press plastic wrap onto the dough in the kitchenaid bowl overnight(no need to get another dish dirty!) . you can leave dough in the fridge for up to 36 hours. The reason for the "rest" is that it better allows the eggs to soak into the flour, so you get a much better cookie. If you want to know more about the secrets to good cookies, read this article: and see the recipe link on the lefthand side. while the chocolate chip recipe they suggest is a bit time and weird ingredient intensive, some of the suggestions (ie. cookie diameter, letting the dough rest) can make very very simple cookie recipes AMAZING. Also, for great and interesting recipes that are sometimes easy, but always delicious check out this blog: I especially love the pad thai! This blog is especially great for beginner cooks because she has actually made/eaten everything, and because she explains her processes in detail (often with pictures!) in her blog.

  7. wow! thank you so much for all of the tips on cooking!! i cannot wait to try out all of these recipe sites AND courtney: i want to bake with you!! teach me some skills!


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