Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the one with a handyman

a brief update on refinishing our kitchen table! :) this has been such a fun and exciting project so far...it's really fun to work on it together and we are excited to be learning so much.

first stop on our project: Lowe's. we took one of the table legs so we could ask someone specifically what to buy and they could see the polyurethane finish we wanted to remove. we bought:: sand paper, chemical stripper, a new stain!, drop cloth, and some rags to remove the old finish

the handyman.

upclose view of the (terrible) polyurethane finish we are removing...those black speckled dots are a part of the finish that is coming off.

here's the chemical stripper we bought. we apply this liberally on every piece of wood before we either scrape or sand to remove the finish. it helps the old finish come off way easier. 

the best part of the project so far: the sander. our friend ryan lent us his sander and it has made this project 100x easier. we have been able to use it on a lot more of the table, table legs, and chairs than we were originally thinking. he also lent us some scrapers to help scrape some of the stain off and that has been so helpful too. the only parts we haven't been able to use the sander on: the ends of the chairs and tables that are rounded, or small surfaces that are easy to sand by hand. this sander has been a life saver!

awesome sander...you can see the new table underneath! (and of course a glass-bottled coke)

working hard... paha

here's an idea of what the newly uncovered wood looks like next to the old finish. we are so excited about this table!

we (rob) have sanded a lot more of the table and chairs since these pictures were taken...can't wait to show you another update soon!

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