Thursday, June 30, 2011

the one with the first 100

we love chickfila. i mean, who doesnt? it's the best fast food restaurant out there. i used to work there in high school (and rock the female bowtie) and it only made me love it more (how many fast food joints can say that?)

chickfila does this awesome event when they open a new store. they invite the first 100  "customers" to camp out in the parking lot for the 24 hours before the store opens. as a prize for doing so, each person gets free chickfila for a year (or 52 free combos). what a deal!

we've been to quite a few "first 100 grand opening" events in our years. i think we tallied it up and ive been to 5 and rob has been to 10. they've changed a lot over the years - they used to be the first 100 to show up. but as they've grown more popular, they've changed to the lottery system where you have to be there by 6am the morning before it opens and then they pick 100 names out of the people that are there.

well we did another one last week in sanford nc! rob and i joined forces with cblack and his cousin, katye, and conquered another chickfila victory!

here are some suggestions of items to bring if you attempt this feat::
-food that is not chickfila (we always fail at this)
-box fan (if summer)
-heater (if winter)
-lonnnnnng extension cord
-surge protector
-air mattress
-3 changes of clothes (if summer - to change after you sweat, if winter - to add more layers to keep from freezing)
-settlers of catan
-earphones (to block out cheesy deejay music)
-canopy tent (to block sun)
-soccer chairs
-card table

our sweet setup. 

some of the rest of the campers (photo cred to kelly mooneyham)

camping in the drive thru! (photo cred to kelly mooneyham)

view from our "home"

since we didn't bring non-chick-fil-a snacks, cblack started calling all surrounding businesses and tried to negotiate them bringing us food...

success. wendy's met us on the property line with frosty's!

golly i love me some chickfila.

Monday, June 20, 2011

the one with crafts

Rob was out of town all last week at an FCA camp in Black Mountain. He had an amazing week and saw many boys choose to trust Christ - praise God! We are thankful to be a part of a ministry that connects with people through their love of sports and then uses that platform to share the hope that we have in Christ. What an honor!

While he was away, I spent most of the week working on little projects around our apartment. It was SO fun because I love crafts - being creative and turning something old into something new. I just love it!

I did some repainting mostly - Sarah always says that the cheapest way to redecorate is to paint something a new color. Here are two examples...and I already have some new projects for this week :)

Again...forgot to take a before picture. But it was black before and was given to us by the Dohertys, who couldn't find a place for it in their house anymore. I love lanterns but I wanted a softer color. I chose ivory, since I already had some spray paint in that color.

New lantern!

If I could do it over, I would have primed it first...I've heard that you can do less coats if you prime it first because the paint stays better. I also used a clear sealant paint for the first time and I'm excited to see how that holds up.

I also painted a cabinet we have in our bathroom. Our bathroom is awesome because it has a double vanity...but all of the upper drawers are fake so we are definitely lacking in storage space. I bought this cabinet at Goodwill for $12 and repainted it back in February to an ivory/cream to match our bathroom cabinets.

This past week, I repainted the inside to give it a little more pop. Here's the before picture:

Bleh. I hate that color of "wood". 

Here's the after! We have this same color blue in accents around our bathroom. I'm not sure if I love the way it turned out with the white and blue together inside but it is really fun and I'm really the only one who sees it so I like it :) The blue is such a pretty color. I also used the clear sealant paint on this too.

Can't wait to start more painting projects this week!

Friday, June 17, 2011

the one where goodwill strikes again

welp we found more treasures at the goodwill by our apartment!! it was such a fun trip and we even ran into some friends from unc who now go to the summit too and live nearby. score!

maybe my favorite little purchase:: i am obsessed with mason jars (as are all girls in the south)...and rob found mason jar salt & pepper shakers!!! ah! they are the cutest things ever!

$0.99 for the pair. (they are about the size of the palm of your hand)

our most exciting purchase:: these beautiful silver lamps!! seriously a rare thing at goodwill...two matching beautiful sleek lamps! they needed a little cleaning but i love the shape and i know i will use them in so many different places throughout the years. they were marked $8.99 and $3.99 but when we took them to the front the lady said she would give them both to us for $3.99 each! (and we didn't even ask her!)
i set them up here :)

$3.99 for the base...and $8 for the lamp shade (thanks, target)

 i love them!

thanks again, goodwill! you rock! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the one in honor of m + m

rob and i had the honor of attending a beautiful & special wedding this weekend in charlottesville, va! we caravan-ed up there with jody, ashley, justin, and audrey - it was really fun to travel as a group!!

michael and mallory got married at ash lawn - it was absolutely gorgeous. michael is one of our best friends from college and we met mallory when they first started dating. they are both so special to us and we loved being able to be witness their beautiful, special day!

mallory has an amazing eye for style, fashion, design, and everything beautiful :) so every little detail was absolutely stunning. oh i just loved it!

the best part was their emphasis on their relationship with Christ - with Him as the true model of love. their vows were beautiful and i loved that they promised in them to keep Christ as the center of their relationship.

the beautiful site of the ceremony

scene for the cocktail hour :)

look at that background!

da boyz.

gorgeous dance floor!!

the party favors!

best friends!! (missed you court, shan, and mer!)

i didn't get a chance to get a close-up shot of the couple but i borrowed one from facebook - they are so gorgeous together!

we love you, michael & mallory! cannot wait for the many years of our friendship ahead!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

the one featuring a cleaner bedroom

i read a recent article about a messy bedroom being a metaphor for a neglected inner sanctuary. it was a really interesting and very applicable analogy for me. i work pretty hard to keep our common/public areas clean and picked up...especially if we are expecting any company. but i am often content to leave our bedroom a complete mess and just shut the door. it's like im making ourselves (myself) presentable on the outside while forgetting to clean and take care of the "inside". i think this is a common trend, especially for people-pleasers. it was a somewhat sad revelation for me, especially since i spend most of my downtime in our's the first & last place i see everyday, and i spend the least amount of time taking care of it.

in light of this discovery, i have been trying to pick up/clean our bedroom first and most often and it has brought alot more peace and rest to our bedroom, i think. and it's really so nice to wake up to!

in the same line of thinking, we spent some time this past weekend rearranging our bedroom to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. we have a dresser directly opposite our bed and since day one, we have had our smaller tv on that dresser, so we could easily see it from bed. however ive been toying with the idea of moving the tv and putting something nicer to look at right across from our bed. rob was skeptical but amused me and we tried it out...

unfortunately i forgot to take a good "before" picture...but that blank wall space is where the tv used to be. (ive learned that the art to a good "before" picture is to make it really messy and then clean up for the "after" so no matter what, it looks better after.)

we moved the tv to the corner of our bedroom, onto rob's dresser. i like it WAY better in the corner, especially since we don't actually watch alot of tv in our bedroom.

and here's the updated space above my dresser, opposite our bed. i LOVE this new look!!!

rob and i both really love pictures alot so we decided to make a collage of our favorite pictures from our wedding and honeymoon. it's such a happy sight to see first thing in the morning! (sorry for the terrible quality picture...but you get the idea :) )

there's still alot of different little details on the dressers that i want to change but im really happy with it right now :)

(side note: i do think you need to be careful with this analogy and not buy into the mentality of focusing on yourself - taking care of YOU first. how many of us really need a reminder to think of ourselves more regularly? :) i think it's good to keep yourself healthy and centered on Christ, but also to sacrifice yourself often for the sake of loving others for the Gospel.)

Friday, June 10, 2011

the one with asparagus, italian soda, & the pioneer woman!

long overdue update on the food adventures a la shields! :) here's some of latest obsessions, trials, failures, and that order.

OBSESSION: we've been searching high and low for some vanilla coke because it's SO good in the summertime...light, refreshing, delish. we went to FIVE grocery stores before finally finding them at a kroger in cary. apparently they dont sell them in durham or raleigh....just cary. then we went to the grocery store in cary over memorial day weekend and they were on sale - five 12paks for $12!! we are good to go on coke products for awhile :)
i think this logo is so cute!

TRIAL: i recently tried my first ever pioneer woman recipe! it was really fun and her recipes are awesome because they are broken down into simple steps and have lots of pictures (perfect for me since i am definitely still learning how to cook). i tried her chicken spaghetti because she said it was a dish her husband really loved. it turned out great! it had lots of easy ingredients...and it was my first time cooking with pimentos! it was a hit for both rob & i... next time i'll probably make it more spicy for him.

before we tasted it!

not an appetizing picture but it was yummy, i promise!

FAILURE: i got a little cocky i think after cooking the chicken spaghetti successfully soooo i tried two new dishes at the same time on memorial day. MISTAKE. i also tried making some crucial decisions in the heat of the moment while rob was grilling outside...aka i had no input and i dont think well on the fly. MISTAKE. i found out rob really likes asparagus and i do too! so i wanted to cook it...and i did and it looked really pretty...
see? (pre-mayhem)

and as it was cooking... i tried making twice-baked potatoes at the same time. but i didnt let the potatoes cook long enough so they were hard when they came out and i didnt know what to do and i thought "hey, why dont i just try mixing them in with the other ingredients and they'll just get mushy as i mix them?" nope. wrong. nope. they wouldn't all. and then (this is embarassing but full disclosure) i put the potato mixture in my kitchenaid mixer bowl and tried to mash them in that...annnnnd potato mixture flies everywhere! epic failure! i was laughing hysterically and blushing like crazy when rob walked back inside from grilling and saw the disaster. so we cooked the potatoes longer and ended up having THRICE baked potatoes... without skins and in a casserole dish. it was still very yummy just not as pretty.

and while all of this was going on....the asparagus cooked WAY too long so they were just not very good at all. the best part about them was the oil and 

but hey! the spread still looked pretty!

and we tried italian soda for the first time...delicious!! new obsession.

SUCCESS: and finally to end with a success! we've found that we LOVE making homemade pizzas. it's quick, easy, and delicious! rob introduced me to this shields family tradition and i am loving it. we each have our own pizza and decorate it (i guess i should say something more "season" or "top" it) with our own favorites. mine are usually: peppers, onions, and sometimes a little ham. rob's are like meat central station. they are SO yummy!

the head chef.

rob's pizza.

mine's prettier :)

until next time! :) feel free to share more fun recipes - i loved the ideas last time!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the one with dr weasel

this past weekend, rob and i road-tripped to waxhaw, nc to celebrate dr. nate "the weasel" shaw, dds! nate (one of rob's groomsmen, and old college roomie (bunkmates)) graduated from dental school at unc and is off to his first job in charleston, SC! (tough life, huh?)

nate and rob at a wedding in 2008

GORGEOUS clubhouse for the party scene!

the decorations for the party were SO incredible and well-thought out. they decorated as if it was a dentist office with teeth and toothbrushes and dentist trinkets everywhere (including an inflatable diagram of a tooth hanging from the ceiling). it was awesome. check out some of the details below...

details include: dentist rubber duckies, tarheel paraphernalia, tooth tic-tac-toe.

it was a great night celebrating with nate's family and some dear friends from carolina. rob and i were especially excited to spend some time with this little cutie...

if this doesn't make you smile, i don't know what will :)

and yes in case you were wondering, that is a UNC onesie...with cute ruffles on the back :)

page & stockton's sweet baby girl (allie) was such a joy to play with!! she has the sweetest personality...which is no surprise since her parents are some of the kindest, most caring people we know :)

(thanks for the pic, stock!)

rob had a great time catching up with nate, stockton, and finn, while the gals (beth, page, allie, and i) hung out on the porch. unfortunately, we forgot to capture girl time but here some hilarious pictures of the guys :)

the happy grad :)

DR & the weas. 

had to include the classic grad pic in the frame (rob, nate, finn)

it's a miracle rob or finn didn't walk out with this framed photo

it was so nice to hang out with such dear friends and celebrate an incredible friend. we love you nate and are so proud of all your hardwork! see ya in charleston real soon :)