Monday, June 13, 2011

the one featuring a cleaner bedroom

i read a recent article about a messy bedroom being a metaphor for a neglected inner sanctuary. it was a really interesting and very applicable analogy for me. i work pretty hard to keep our common/public areas clean and picked up...especially if we are expecting any company. but i am often content to leave our bedroom a complete mess and just shut the door. it's like im making ourselves (myself) presentable on the outside while forgetting to clean and take care of the "inside". i think this is a common trend, especially for people-pleasers. it was a somewhat sad revelation for me, especially since i spend most of my downtime in our's the first & last place i see everyday, and i spend the least amount of time taking care of it.

in light of this discovery, i have been trying to pick up/clean our bedroom first and most often and it has brought alot more peace and rest to our bedroom, i think. and it's really so nice to wake up to!

in the same line of thinking, we spent some time this past weekend rearranging our bedroom to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. we have a dresser directly opposite our bed and since day one, we have had our smaller tv on that dresser, so we could easily see it from bed. however ive been toying with the idea of moving the tv and putting something nicer to look at right across from our bed. rob was skeptical but amused me and we tried it out...

unfortunately i forgot to take a good "before" picture...but that blank wall space is where the tv used to be. (ive learned that the art to a good "before" picture is to make it really messy and then clean up for the "after" so no matter what, it looks better after.)

we moved the tv to the corner of our bedroom, onto rob's dresser. i like it WAY better in the corner, especially since we don't actually watch alot of tv in our bedroom.

and here's the updated space above my dresser, opposite our bed. i LOVE this new look!!!

rob and i both really love pictures alot so we decided to make a collage of our favorite pictures from our wedding and honeymoon. it's such a happy sight to see first thing in the morning! (sorry for the terrible quality picture...but you get the idea :) )

there's still alot of different little details on the dressers that i want to change but im really happy with it right now :)

(side note: i do think you need to be careful with this analogy and not buy into the mentality of focusing on yourself - taking care of YOU first. how many of us really need a reminder to think of ourselves more regularly? :) i think it's good to keep yourself healthy and centered on Christ, but also to sacrifice yourself often for the sake of loving others for the Gospel.)

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