Friday, June 17, 2011

the one where goodwill strikes again

welp we found more treasures at the goodwill by our apartment!! it was such a fun trip and we even ran into some friends from unc who now go to the summit too and live nearby. score!

maybe my favorite little purchase:: i am obsessed with mason jars (as are all girls in the south)...and rob found mason jar salt & pepper shakers!!! ah! they are the cutest things ever!

$0.99 for the pair. (they are about the size of the palm of your hand)

our most exciting purchase:: these beautiful silver lamps!! seriously a rare thing at goodwill...two matching beautiful sleek lamps! they needed a little cleaning but i love the shape and i know i will use them in so many different places throughout the years. they were marked $8.99 and $3.99 but when we took them to the front the lady said she would give them both to us for $3.99 each! (and we didn't even ask her!)
i set them up here :)

$3.99 for the base...and $8 for the lamp shade (thanks, target)

 i love them!

thanks again, goodwill! you rock! :)

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