Friday, June 10, 2011

the one with asparagus, italian soda, & the pioneer woman!

long overdue update on the food adventures a la shields! :) here's some of latest obsessions, trials, failures, and that order.

OBSESSION: we've been searching high and low for some vanilla coke because it's SO good in the summertime...light, refreshing, delish. we went to FIVE grocery stores before finally finding them at a kroger in cary. apparently they dont sell them in durham or raleigh....just cary. then we went to the grocery store in cary over memorial day weekend and they were on sale - five 12paks for $12!! we are good to go on coke products for awhile :)
i think this logo is so cute!

TRIAL: i recently tried my first ever pioneer woman recipe! it was really fun and her recipes are awesome because they are broken down into simple steps and have lots of pictures (perfect for me since i am definitely still learning how to cook). i tried her chicken spaghetti because she said it was a dish her husband really loved. it turned out great! it had lots of easy ingredients...and it was my first time cooking with pimentos! it was a hit for both rob & i... next time i'll probably make it more spicy for him.

before we tasted it!

not an appetizing picture but it was yummy, i promise!

FAILURE: i got a little cocky i think after cooking the chicken spaghetti successfully soooo i tried two new dishes at the same time on memorial day. MISTAKE. i also tried making some crucial decisions in the heat of the moment while rob was grilling outside...aka i had no input and i dont think well on the fly. MISTAKE. i found out rob really likes asparagus and i do too! so i wanted to cook it...and i did and it looked really pretty...
see? (pre-mayhem)

and as it was cooking... i tried making twice-baked potatoes at the same time. but i didnt let the potatoes cook long enough so they were hard when they came out and i didnt know what to do and i thought "hey, why dont i just try mixing them in with the other ingredients and they'll just get mushy as i mix them?" nope. wrong. nope. they wouldn't all. and then (this is embarassing but full disclosure) i put the potato mixture in my kitchenaid mixer bowl and tried to mash them in that...annnnnd potato mixture flies everywhere! epic failure! i was laughing hysterically and blushing like crazy when rob walked back inside from grilling and saw the disaster. so we cooked the potatoes longer and ended up having THRICE baked potatoes... without skins and in a casserole dish. it was still very yummy just not as pretty.

and while all of this was going on....the asparagus cooked WAY too long so they were just not very good at all. the best part about them was the oil and 

but hey! the spread still looked pretty!

and we tried italian soda for the first time...delicious!! new obsession.

SUCCESS: and finally to end with a success! we've found that we LOVE making homemade pizzas. it's quick, easy, and delicious! rob introduced me to this shields family tradition and i am loving it. we each have our own pizza and decorate it (i guess i should say something more "season" or "top" it) with our own favorites. mine are usually: peppers, onions, and sometimes a little ham. rob's are like meat central station. they are SO yummy!

the head chef.

rob's pizza.

mine's prettier :)

until next time! :) feel free to share more fun recipes - i loved the ideas last time!

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