Friday, July 1, 2011

the one featuring coca-cola

Warning:: This post is filled with hyperbole and dramatic flair. Approach with caution.

I realized that I have been writing this blog for a couple months now and have completely failed to do an informative blog post on the star of this show: coke! How could I have been so remiss? Slap me on the wrist next time you see me.

I thought it would be best to start out with basic information...lay the foundation and build on it from there.

There are five types of coke. Here they are in order of less best to best::

5. NOT COKE - This includes: diet coke, coca-cola zero, the p-word (rhymes with mepsi), and any other wannabe. This is the worst. And if you are drinking anything that fits into this category, you are settling.
This is not coke. This is not good.

4 & 3. SODA FOUNTAIN COKE & COKE IN A CAN. These are ranked the same because it truly depends on the situation. Variables: what if the can is warm? (bleh) What if the soda fountain machine doesn't have the correct ratio of coke syrup to carbonation? What if the cup tastes bad? What if the can is super wonderfully cold? What if you get free refills from the soda fountain? Assess the situation daily and decide what your best option will be.

This is what a "soda fountain coke" may look like

Coke in a can (note: the design of the can can (cancan!) change but do not worry - the coke tastes the same)

2. COKE IN A PLASTIC BOTTLE - This is a wonderful option because it's almost always cold, it holds more than a can, it always tastes the same (compare to "soda fountain coke"), and it's got a nice little mouthpiece that is easy and pleasant to drink from. And you can put the lid on inbetween sips to maintain the purity of the product! It fits easily in a cupholder (for the coke drinker on the run) and it's just very consistently excellent.
Nice sleek design.

1. GLASS BOTTLED COKES (GBC'S). Uncontested grand prize winner. It's the best way to drink a coke. I'm not even gonna describe it - go buy one. 

Here are happy times with me and GBCs...

Christmas 2006 with my sisters. Mom got us classic old-fashioned GBCs.

Spring Break 2k7 in Asheville.

Spring Break 2k7 with the one and only Joanna Ashe.

P-word vs. coke...Bethy vs Nicole. (in Ethiopia)

Valentine's day 2010. Rob got me a GBC...he knew the way into my heart.

GBC written in Amharic. Coke unites people across the world!

GBC on the night Rob proposed :) (blurry happiness)

GBCs in our engagement pictures, duh.

This concludes your first crash course.

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