Thursday, June 30, 2011

the one with the first 100

we love chickfila. i mean, who doesnt? it's the best fast food restaurant out there. i used to work there in high school (and rock the female bowtie) and it only made me love it more (how many fast food joints can say that?)

chickfila does this awesome event when they open a new store. they invite the first 100  "customers" to camp out in the parking lot for the 24 hours before the store opens. as a prize for doing so, each person gets free chickfila for a year (or 52 free combos). what a deal!

we've been to quite a few "first 100 grand opening" events in our years. i think we tallied it up and ive been to 5 and rob has been to 10. they've changed a lot over the years - they used to be the first 100 to show up. but as they've grown more popular, they've changed to the lottery system where you have to be there by 6am the morning before it opens and then they pick 100 names out of the people that are there.

well we did another one last week in sanford nc! rob and i joined forces with cblack and his cousin, katye, and conquered another chickfila victory!

here are some suggestions of items to bring if you attempt this feat::
-food that is not chickfila (we always fail at this)
-box fan (if summer)
-heater (if winter)
-lonnnnnng extension cord
-surge protector
-air mattress
-3 changes of clothes (if summer - to change after you sweat, if winter - to add more layers to keep from freezing)
-settlers of catan
-earphones (to block out cheesy deejay music)
-canopy tent (to block sun)
-soccer chairs
-card table

our sweet setup. 

some of the rest of the campers (photo cred to kelly mooneyham)

camping in the drive thru! (photo cred to kelly mooneyham)

view from our "home"

since we didn't bring non-chick-fil-a snacks, cblack started calling all surrounding businesses and tried to negotiate them bringing us food...

success. wendy's met us on the property line with frosty's!

golly i love me some chickfila.

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