Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the one with the haircut vote!

well,  ive decided to live on the edge and get a haircut next week! rob and i were trying to decide what adventurous thing i could do to my hair..and we stumbled upon this really fun website  where you can upload a picture of your face and try different hairstyles... dream.come.true.

here are the options im thinking of. non-negotiable: im getting side-bangs. gotta try 'em!


  1. my hair may slash may not look GREEN in some of these pictures because when you try to color over blond or red hair with brown, it looks green. the website definitely is lacking in good dark brown hair color options. but you get the idea. 
  2. also, it helps if you look at a smaller size of the picture instead of zooming in and making it large....the larger the picture, the more you realize you look like a weirdo.
  3. i usually do not curl my hair...if you catch me on a good day (i.e. ive geared myself up for it the night before and have the set alarm for 30 minutes earlier), i will wash, blow dry, and straighten but it takes a really special occasion to whip out the old curling iron.
  4. i have alot of hair. it's thick and it's got volume. one time my sister rebecca got so concerned about my 'fro that she gave me a conditioning coupon for christmas to help  "tame the beast". it was that day i realized my hair's natural state: poofy.

please voice opinions...you can even rank from 1-4, 1 being your favorite and 4 being "please dont choose this one". i think ive definitely narrowed it down to two options...

option 1: The Safe Long Voluptuous Look (not a drastic change in length or style - more layers and sidebangs)

option 2: The Fresh Voluminous Look (got some bounce and volume, more drastic sidebangs, and definitely shorter)

option 3: The Short Rachel Green Look (this style reminds me of the earlier seasons of Friends where Rachel's hair is super layered and short)

 option 4: The SHORT Clean Look (i like how clean cut and fashionable this one is, it would be a big step outside my comfort zone since this would definitely be the shortest ive ever had it...however, i did swear i would never chop my hair off right after getting married...me and my friend, la, call it "the married bob")



  1. I probably shouldn't get a vote since I am so far gone from style and sporting a 10 year old "married-with-four-kids" bob. But I like safe long or short clean. Or the other two. You are beautiful. Period.

  2. jen - i hope i look HALF as cute as you do with 4 kids. i love your style :) thanks for the input! love you!


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