Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the one featuring a pinterest craft with mer

i did it. i signed up for pinterest and im obsessed. i love it! ive found so many pretty/fun ideas. it's like clipping pictures out of a magazine in a more fun/shared/organized way :)

one of my best friends, mer, and i decided to try our hands at our first pinterest craft project while she was in town! we were so excited and had so much fun that we are already planning our next craft :)

mer and i , back in january.

we found this photo on pinterest and were pumped at 1) how cheap it was, 2) how easy it is to find the materials, 3) how versatile the finished result is!
(click on the picture to find the original link)

i already had a lot of leftover candlesticks from my wedding so i was more than happy to use them in a more useful way! if you want to see the original tutorial, click on the picture above. here's how we did it...basically with her instructions + some additions of our own.

-candlesticks (curvy ones with a pretty shape are preferred - we found ours at goodwill/my closet)
-a fun drink from starbucks (at least, we found this to be helpful)
-3 pans (preferably varying in size, you want similar colored tins as well - we found ours at habitat restore and goodwill)
-rustoleum spray paint in the color of your choice (i LOVE rustoleum! i found it at walmart)
-E6000 glue (m found this at ac moore and used one of their many 40% coupons so it was only like $3)
-bug spray (if you choose to spray on a hot muggy summer night :) )

mer with some of our supplies!

STEP ONE:: spray candlesticks. we started out with ours laying down (because that's how it looked in the pictures online pahaha) and then we realized how hard it was to get every side. DUH. paint with them standing up unless you have a cool bucket laying around like the online tutorial chick did. the paint dries pretty quickly and really evenly and sticks really well!! no need to prime and we only needed one coat.

STEP TWO::  when the paint is dry (no longer sticky), get pans and get ready to glue! the tutorial suggested gluing one candlestick upside down if you have two candlesticks that are the same...i did and really liked how it turned out. start with the bottom and work your way up.

tip: you want to make sure that the candlestick is centered, especially since you are doing two tiers...so instead of eyeballing it (like we did at first), go ahead and measure to find the center of each pan...and mark it with a sharpie/pen. when we figured this out, it made things go much more smoothly. for the bottom pan, just mark the top of the pan...for the middle pan, mark top & bottom...for the top pan, mark the bottom.

trying to figure out the center :)

STEP THREE:: step back and make sure you like how it looks and to see if it's centered. you can always slide it around a little because the glue doesn't dry right away. then you're done! we piled some books on top to stabilize it and let it dry.
finished products! mer's is on the left and mine's on the right. 

i love crafts - cant wait to try my next one! also:: coming up - beach pics from last week! :)

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