Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the one with my summer favorites

taking my cue from my awesome bloggin' sister, becca, i am doing a list of my favorite summer things (2k11).

toms! i bought my first pair in may and wear them almost every day to work. 

we started reading them for the first time in march/april
and i just finished book 7 last week. obsessed! 
we've been watching one movie at a time as we finish the book...
cannot wait for the last movie next week!

black bean corn salsa (this one is from walmart and it is dang good!)

navy blue & white stripes. 

my summer haircut! (i look like this now...)

i've said it before but it's worth mentioning again: vanilla coke.

mint chocolate chip ice cream. during the summer, i really crave ice cream every single day. 

our current favorite summer show: the office (re-runs on netflix). we are re-obsessed with this show and it's a perfect show to watch when you just need a quick break :)

happy summer! :)

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