Monday, July 11, 2011

the one with shrimp and red velvet

it's time for another food update!

i tried to recipes was really just my sister, rach, who is an expert baker.

meet rachel. she's also really good at phase 10.

she made these beauties:

with a little help from this guy: (my brother will! age 12)

sarah and caitlin were there too but i didn't force a picture. 
here's a picture of the little sweet treasures sarah made - one for me and one for her.

that was probably my most fun food adventure yet...i love having so many of my siblings over into our little apartment :) plus phase 10 rocks.

i tried another pioneer woman recipe and LOVED it. it is called 16 minutes shrimp scampi. it is so good - really easy, very light, and really yummy. rob and i both loved it! here are some pics:

before you add the angel hair pasta:

mixing it all together! wonderful flavors :)

finished product. YUM.

that's it for now! it's beachweek this week so we have 2 more days until we hit the road to join the keegan family at emerald isle! SO EXCITED!!

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  1. I want to try the scampi! Yum. Waiting for beach blog updates!


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