Monday, August 1, 2011

the one featuring summer blog lovin'

i always love getting blog recommendations - ive found some of my favorite blogs that way! so i thought id share some of my own.

here's a quick run through of my favorite summer blog reading list :) (just because im not a student anymore, it doesnt mean i dont have a reading list!)

1. The Stephen((sons)).  - okay i know, i know. this is my sister's blog. and y'all probably think im just promoting it because im related to her. but i promise it is one of my favorites if not my most favorite blog to read! becca is WAY funnier than i am, she's a great writer, and she has the cutest family! some of my favorite posts...
Some of my favorite photos from the blog (gotta highlight my cute nephews!)
i love this picture of the boys playing together...especially because fin has goggles on.

2. The Journeyi love this blog. love it. katie (the author...who i dont know, ps) is about my age and lives in Uganda. she has a home for those in need and has adopted 14 (yes 14) girls. i dont even know where to begin - her writing is beautiful and so well thought out. every post is overflowing with the Gospel and Scripture is inter-woven through all of her sentences. she is totally sold out for the Gospel and her life is beautiful. please read her blog - it's worth your time.

3. Organized Chaos - a new blog i just found this summer! i know hannah from carolina - we both come from big families and most of us have gone to UNC so our families just had to become friends :) her and her husband just bought their first house and are totally renovating it! it is so cool to watch the transformation.... and they are so good at it! i know it's a lot of hard work but it looks like so much fun :)

 4. Better After - i love before and after pictures! this blog is just that - pictures of things people have transformed with a brief explanation - like 1 or 2 sentences - with witty commentary :) im obsessed!

5. germainestreet (oops another home/DIY/renovation blog...kinda my obsession this summer) - my sweet friend anna just bought her first house with her very handy husband josh! :) ive known anna and josh almost my whole life and love them both dearly. we grew up together. they are wonderful and i can't wait to see how their house is transformed with josh's never-ending handyman skills & resources and anna's beautiful artistic touch :) plus they just started so you can watch it all unfold before your eyes.

that's it for now! happy reading :)

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