Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the one where rob gets lasik

we've been saving since we got married so that rob could get lasik eye surgery! he's always had to wear contacts or glasses to see....but for the last 4 years, he hasn't been able to wear contacts b/c of this condition he developed in his eyes. it's been quite inconvenient to wear glasses constantly.

on monday, august 8, rob got lasik surgery! it all went great - he had his post-op appointment on tuesday and the doc said his vision is now 20/20! he did great - and not just because he was on valium :) i sat in the operating room with him while the doctors did was the creepiest thing ive ever seen but i convinced myself to watch so i could see if they did anything wrong.

here's a play by play on the day. important facts:: rob had to wear shields on his eyes all day & night; he couldn't sleep but also wasn't supposed to focus his eyes on anything so he was constantly having to look all around and blink alot....for the WHOLE day.

pre-op preparations. look at his pretty eye shadow! 
(just kidding, that's iodine...and yes he was thrilled with me for taking this photo)

after surgery! he had to keep his eyes closed for 20 minutes until the doc could come check him...
imagine sitting in a waiting room for that long with no vision. 

on the way to chickfila after surgery! (clearly still under the influence of valium)

post-valium crash. as soon as we got home he crawled in bed and passed out...yes with the sunglasses on. (dont worry i only let him sleep for 30 minutes) 

boredom has set in. he is dying of it. but check out those awesome "goggles"!
they are like shin pads for the eyes. 

my favorite rob quotes::
"i wouldn't have it any other way" - listening to backstreet boys in the waiting room right after surgery when he wasnt allowed to open his eyes for 20 minutes.
"i was blind but now i see...biblical surgery"
(when we were going out for a snack run) "hey!! we can check the mail while we're out!!!!" level of boredom.

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