Friday, August 26, 2011

the one with the gospel prayer

my pastor, jd greear, has shared a prayer that he has prayed every day for several years and has challenged my church, the summit, to join him in praying it for the next several weeks. rob and i have been trying to pray through it every day and it is so rich in truth. it really uncovers every lie we may be believing about ourselves, our circumstances, or God and has helped us focus our hearts on Gospel truth at the beginning of every day. i wanted to share it here in case you'd like to join us in praying it!

1. in Christ, there is nothing i could do to make You love me more; nothing i have done that makes You love me less.

2. You are all i need today for everlasting joy

3. as You have been to me, so i will be for others.

4. as i pray, i will measure Your compassion by the cross, and Your power by the resurrection.

for more information on this and his new book coming in october, go here: www.

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