Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the one with a kitchen chalkboard

my awesome co-worker, laura, inspired me to make a chalkboard for my kitchen when i saw her cute craft on her cute blog. and then one week this summer rob went out of town and so then i made it! :)

sarah made me these awesome framed signs for our for the groom and one for the bride (me!). they were really pretty and sweet...she painted them ivory and hung them by this beautiful satin ivory ribbon.

i decided to convert one of these into my kitchen chalkboard! i chose my favoritest shaped one and got to work...
the infamous before shot.

love the dotted detail.

i chose to paint the frame blue, although usually i prefer neutrals and soft colors. i am DYING in this apartment with all bland/beige walls so i needed a pop of whenever we move into a place where i can paint the walls (symbolically and actually), it's super cheap to paint it a more neutral color.

my kitchen is full of blue accents so i chose this rich blue.
after one coat...

it was seriously the easiest craft! i just slapped some chalkboard paint on the back of the frame and voila! i love chalkboard small doses. some people (especially on pinterest) go WAY overboard with the chalkboard paint. but this right here looks good :)

i hung it on the wall above my spice racks from ikea! 
(ps this isnt my only spice rack in my kitchen...overboard?)

sorry for the terrible lighting...i promise its way prettier in person :) it's such a fun tool in the kitchen - it's a great way to keep track of leftovers in the fridge or reminders or leave funny notes for passersby... for instance: will came by one night and left this note on our chalkboard (it stayed up there for at least 3 weeks):: "when in doubt, just shimmy". words to live by.

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