Friday, August 5, 2011

the one with sweet baby harrison

my sweet friends, josh & erin, recently gave birth to their first son, harrison. i know josh & erin from unc - they serve on staff with campus crusade for christ (or cornerstone) erin was my bible study leader for two years and has the best "most embarassing story" ive ever heard. my senior year, i had the privelege of being a student intern with cornerstone and got to go to weekly staff meeting with josh and erin. i love them alot and have loved getting to know them.

their baby boy was born early at 27 weeks due to a severe case of pre-eclampsia. they were on vacation in colorado when erin was taken to the denver hospital via helicopter. harrison was born 6 days ago and while he is doing really well and there is alot of hope, he still needs alot of prayer and has a long road ahead. erin & josh will be in denver for awhile and are staying at the ronald mcdonald house.

i really encourage you to go to their blog and read harrison's story. their story is beautiful and their words are laced with the Gospel and the hope we find in Christ! please join me in praying for them and for sweet baby harrison!


  1. Wow. I had no idea. Thank you so much for posting this I will definitely be praying so hard for all of them! I miss you!

  2. Yes, Nicole, thank you for posting about Josh and Erin and their sweet little son. I will be praying also.


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