Thursday, September 29, 2011

the one with a new kitchen light!

I'm so excited about this one because it's still so new and we just finished it...and it all happened so quickly.

Remember our old kitchen lighting?

It's barely in that picture because I hated it so much... apartment light fixtures are the worst (slash the best best because they are free and the repairman will come change your lightbulbs for you).

Here's a closeup

Well I got this idea by looking at a similar light redo online this wasn't exactly the same but it got my wheels turning. I thought we might be able to find a drum lamp shade to fit over top this "gorgeous" glass dome/gold trim light fixture. I'm not talking about replacing the light fixture (because we are renters and we are not allowed...and also because of money)...just covering up the old one.

So I ran home during my lunch break on Tuesday and measured the width of the glass dome and then also the width of gold trim. Then I jetted out to Target to see if I could find any drum shades that wide.

And lo and behold, this beauty was waiting for me...on CLEARANCE. Normally $25, and complete with off white tones and a beautiful blue trim (to match our blue kitchen!) was marked down to $9.98! I was so excited!

It was the perfect width, but we just weren't sure how we would get it over top the glass dome. With some light fixtures you can just unscrew the light bulb and the cover will come off....but not this sucker.

We tried on Tuesday to see if we could just unscrew it by slowly taking apart different sections of the glass/gold pieces but none of it led to any success. We realized that we'd have to take the whole light fixture off and then slide the lamp shade on top, and then screw it back in. NOTE: we have never done any sort of electric work at all.

So last night, we randomly decided to try it...Rob unscrewed the top piece from the ceiling (yay for being tall) while I held the ridiculously heavy light fixture. And voila! Only 10 minutes later we were looking at this...

Because Rob had conquered this...

We just kinda stood there looking at each other in shock. :) Then we started shaking our arms like crazy because it hurts sooo bad to keep your arms above your head holding a heavy object for that long!

Our next task was to get rid of this metal ring in the middle of the lamp shade so that we could slide it over the pre-existing light fixture. We were waiting to alter the lamp shade at all until we knew it would probably work because we were gonna return it otherwise :)


I took this picture because I thought it would take awhile...

Then 3 seconds later, it came right off!
(doesnt my nose look huge here?)

I have no photos of the inbetween process...because we were twisting, and screwing in screws, and killing our arms...but VOILA! It was worth it! :)

We love it! It's fun, wayyyy prettier, super cheap and it ties in our kitchen much better. Plus it puts off a much more glowy and soft light, which I much prefer to any type of bright or harsh light.

Here's the before and after! yay!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the one featuring molten lava cakes

rob and i made this deliciousness sunday night...

it was SOOOO good :)

a couple firsts for me in the kitchen:
1. first time using/knowing about custard cups
2. first time using/knowing about baking chocolate
3. first time separating out the yokes (is this an embarassing fact?)
4. first time making my own whipped cream!!! (most exciting)

it was really fun and only slightly scary. the recipe is pretty easy and makes you feel like a real baker :) i just decided i love making tiny delicious things.

the best part was the whipped cream. you take heavy whipping cream + sugar and then whip it...for like a long time. rob did not have any faith in me and kept saying "yeah, just keep sure it will thicken..." as he laughed loudly. BUT IT DID. (after approximately 7 solid minuts of whipping) and i dont even like whipped cream (should have thought of that BEFORE making it) but i loved this because i whipped it myself! :)

check out the instructions (and pioneer woman's wonderfully witty commentary) here.

my little baby. YUMMM.

terrible quality photo but you can see the gooeyness 
and yummy homemade whipped cream!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

the one with a pinteresting white board

i did the EASIEST craft last week. seriously. so easy, so cheap. i wanted a little board for rob and i to leave notes, either for each other or just reminders for ourselves. i found this adorable idea on pinterest (where else?) and did it in about .5 seconds.

(as always, click on the picture to see the link on pinterest)

so i got out some pretty blue paper (found at michaels for less than a dollar), got an old frame we are currently not using, and voila! easy as pie. eventually, id like maybe a larger frame OR maybe just paint the edge a different color. but for now i am happy :)

new whiteboard (for less than a dollar!)
please ignore cheesy wifey message.

right next to my favorite apron :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

the one with a new s

I did another pinterest craft this weekend :) It was so nice to be creative and crafty again and it was such an easy and mindless one. I've been really wanting some kind of wreath or door decoration for our home for awhile now...just something to say it's ours. So I saw this on pinterest and was hooked. First of all, it was simple. Second of all, it was my perfect last initial exactly. Third of all, I already had an s!


Sarah had given me this puppy as part of her present at a wedding shower :) I've been using it on my mantle, etc but have been trying to think of a creative and pretty way to display it.

S is for Shields.

So I bought some pretty creamy yarn from Michaels. And I got some pretty thick blue ribbon. I decided to go with navy blue because our door is red and so its difficult to go with really any bright color...and navy is pretty neutral and I can add embellishments for different holidays to change it up a little bit throughout the year.

Note: did not stray far from the inspiration :)

I had to try wrapping the yarn around the ends of the "S" lots of different ways to make it stay on. But it was very easy and didnt take much concentration. I just had to let go of it looking perfect and be happy with the little bits of uniqueness :) I'm really happy with the end result. I wanna add some little orange pinwheels to make it particularly fall-ish!

Finished product! Welcome home...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the one about church at the ballpark!

on sunday, my church (the summit), hosted an event many in our church have been looking forward to for 10 years... one service, all campuses, all at one place:: durham bulls athletic park! it was incredible... we were so blown away. the Gospel was so clearly displayed (in word and in deed) and it was one of the most beautiful days in the life of our church. numbers are still rolling in but conservative estimates put us at over 7200 people in attendance, and over 300 people baptized! praise God!!

it was so exciting and encouraging for our church ...but more importantly, it was so exciting for our family because my baby brother made the decision to be baptized!! we have all been praying for will since we knew about him (he is the youngest by 6 years) and we couldn't be prouder of him.

the last keegan to be baptized!! 
couldn't be prouder of you, will - i love you so much, buddy!

here are some more snapshots to capture some of atmosphere and experiences of the day. we will be praising God for a long time for the ways He brought people from death to life yesterday! (if you want to read jd's recap on sunday, go here) (ps alot of these pictures were taken by brian fleming photography - check him out!)

people filing into the stadium...gates opened at 9:30am for family games.

our spanish campus, Summit En Espanol, repping their section! :)

sweet view of the inside of the stadium, while the stands are still filling up...

summit worship pastors hank murphy and matt papa practicing sumo before the main event :)

west club campus pastor, brad obrien, getting ready to SUMO!

danny "ballpark" franks about to get plowed over by raudel "el torro" hernandez

summit worship team from all campuses leading us in praising Jesus

jd greear

panoramic view of the ballpark all filled up!!

jd getting to baptize his daughter, allie!

sweet momma (cher) with her son after baptism

while processing baptism cards, i found this.
"I'm getting baptized to publicly profess that Jesus is my everything, that without him I am condemned to death but with him I have eternal life."

Monday, September 19, 2011

the one featuring ashore photography

we interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to share some fun video and photos from rob's most recent FCA basketball clinic! (ps ive never blogged TWICE in one day so you know im dying to share this :) ) we hosted it two weekends ago at st. david's school and it was such a huge success! it was so so cool to see kids from all over the triangle come together to play ball, work on their skills, learn about character, and hear the Gospel. there were a ton of amazing volunteers and hubert davis even came at lunch time to share his testimony and answer questions (and sign autographs of course :) )

anderson shore graciously photographed the whole event, free of charge! his pictures are AWESOME. here's a sneak peek, but check out more photos here. also, you should contact him for your photography needs by going here.

we also got some amazing video footage from rob's friend, smith. he also did it for free and did an amazing job!! check out his video (with a sweet interview from my hubby) by clicking here.

thanks, smith and anderson!! and great job to my man for working so hard so that kids can hear and see the Gospel on display!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the one about a pilot

today, id like to introduce you to an exciting addition to our parking lot - my new car! as i mentioned earlier, we sold little regg and...bought this puppy! we LOVE it - it's a 2003 honda pilot. we decided we wanted a bigger car since we already have rob's little (super gas efficient) honda civic hybrid. he drives all over the place for work so he really needs a car that's good on gas...while i only drive about 2 miles to work and 2 miles back every day :) we're excited about the trunk space (and third row of seats!) in the pilot... and it's fun to get to know a new car :)

another plus::  we didn't want the civic to feel threatened by a new car and since they are cousins (both hondas), i think they are already BFFs.

we need your help though! we have yet to come up with a name for our sweet ride. help us out! we are taking all suggestions you may have...or you can vote on the two names rob has come up with so far... whadya think?
1. clancey
2. monte
3. your suggestions...

we are really thankful that the Lord provided this car for us at such a great price and hope it lasts for many years to come!! 

rob's favorite part

Monday, September 12, 2011

the one bidding goodbye to reggie

rob and i decided that it was the best financial decision for us to sell my little reggie (for more info about my love/hate relationship with this dude, see here). the timing was right and we knew we didnt want to keep this car forever and could get significantly more for the car if we sold it now.

so, rob being the craig's list pro that he is, threw it on craig's list and sold it!! it was awesome. he wrote everything that could possibly be wrong with it, we had a couple people look at it and take it for a spin...and then one guy came, sat in it, checked to see if the air conditioning worked, and said he wanted it! it was so strange but awesome :) we were so weirded out that he didn't want to test drive it or get a car fax or anything that we didnt really believe it was sold until we had signed the title over and deposited the cash in our bank account. but we are so thankful!!

i will miss my little regg but i am also very happy we sold it :) here are some parting, nostalgic photos to commemorate our relationship.

isn't he pretty?

last time driving it... mixed emotions...

one last hug between friends.
(while we had our ups and downs, we parted on amicable terms) 

goodbyeeeeeee (a la sound of music)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

the one where you get a tour

Warning:: this post is photo-heavy like whoa.

The last 3 weeks, we have been kickin' butt and takin' names here in the Shields casa! We've been reorganizing and rearranging everything...finding a place for everything we have and getting rid of anything that we don't have a place for. It's awesome!

While everything was newly cleaned and organized this past weekend, I decided to take advantage of this rare moment and get some photos of our whole apartment. I know one day when we've moved out and I'm missing our first apartment, I'll be glad I did :)

Of course we look forward to the days when we can paint the walls and change appliances, etc but for now we are thankful for a sweet place to live with just enough space and a great location.

I love this little home.

The master bedroom... i.e: the only bedroom :)

Three wedding photos above our bed, Pottery Barn duvet cover!, Restoration Hardware blanket, and the best bed EVER.

Our TV is all crooked and off center b/c that's the only way 
the cable hookup works pahaha. It cracks me up.

Over in the corner I hung up all the notes that Rob has given me since we've gotten married. Every time he leaves for a couple days for work,  he hides little notes for me to find. And sometimes when I get home from work, I'll be surprised by a sweet note on the front door. The man knows I love encouraging words...I am one lucky girl.

Recently we've gotten very creative with our little closet. We took off the door (we will hang a curtain when I find the right one) and now we have all this extra space where the door was blocking the wall. We're going to hang up identical shelves there. YAY!

More space!

Still have the honeymooners door sign that we stole from our honeymoon resort :) 

Bathroom. LOVE the double vanity. Where my bouquet is hanging now, I plan to do a little craft to help clean up the counter. And don't mind the handwriting at the top of the mirror...that's just an ongoing Uno game tally we have going on :)

I LOVE this shower curtain. It was a splurge for sure.
ps we have two showers in our bathroom? So weird! 

The view of the bedroom from the living room :)

Guest bathroom! So happy to have this little room...
It's hard to find one bedrooms with two bathrooms.
Still a few projects I'd like to do here :)

View of the sunroom from the living room.

 Rob loves this table in the middle because it looks so old timey and fancy. It's displaying his Ethiopian ivory chess set and his handmade chess box to hold the pieces... and my favorite Pottery Barn pocketwatch clock.

Some of our many books, extra decorations we are not using, 
and Rob's awesome baseball collection...some from his pitching days, and one for every stadium him, his dad & brothers went to growing up.

The laundry room, off the sunroom. Extra doors we have taken down :), storage, 
and Carolina spirit.

My favorite: Jackie Manuel.

View of the living room when you walk in the door.
Awesome leather couch, pictures on the shelves are the top places we want to go in the world. And that fireplace is just for looks :) 

Living room corner. Awesome armoire we scored from Craigslist before we moved in! Leather recliner I bought for Rob on his 25th birthday. 

 Beautiful map from Nama and Da Shields!!

Had to brag about my organization of the armoire. This where all my craft supplies live, as well as old journals, cards, and on the top:: All the gift bags I've collected and saved :) I'm really proud of the way I organized them.

Newly organized pantry/water closet! Rob hung those shelves, and we put in this old bookcase, took down the pantry door to use the wall space and hung up a ton of stuff! 
I'm also adding twinkle lights & a curtain tomorrow :)

Sleds and beach chairs. Not frequently used :)

Food up high, cleaning supplies, extra appliances, and Christmas decorations below.

Rob hung all of this up on one of his vacation days. Such a pleasant surprise!

I took this just to show how high Rob can hang stuff. It's awesome.

View of kitchen from the pantry! 
Just took those cabinet doors off as an experiment...I think we love it :)

Another kitchen view... blue lamp from Habitat Restore for $3, blue mason jars from our wedding, and alot of the glass/vases on top are thrifted

 Extra platters & bowls up top.

Love the pretty pictures of people/places we love.
And also Rob's childhood artwork and obsession with bulldogs :) 

Upcoming events on this side...and a flashlight for safety :)

Where all of our extra clutter and disorganization resides right now :)

View of kitchen (with our new table!!) from entrance

We love having a bookshelf in our kitchen. It makes it so homey!
Homemade chalkboard, spice rack from Ikea, apron from Anthropologie. 

Coat closet by the entrance. Rob just reorganized this and it looks AWESOME!

Settlers of Catan! Love!

View from the door.

So thankful to live here. Home sweet home!