Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the one about church at the ballpark!

on sunday, my church (the summit), hosted an event many in our church have been looking forward to for 10 years... one service, all campuses, all at one place:: durham bulls athletic park! it was incredible... we were so blown away. the Gospel was so clearly displayed (in word and in deed) and it was one of the most beautiful days in the life of our church. numbers are still rolling in but conservative estimates put us at over 7200 people in attendance, and over 300 people baptized! praise God!!

it was so exciting and encouraging for our church ...but more importantly, it was so exciting for our family because my baby brother made the decision to be baptized!! we have all been praying for will since we knew about him (he is the youngest by 6 years) and we couldn't be prouder of him.

the last keegan to be baptized!! 
couldn't be prouder of you, will - i love you so much, buddy!

here are some more snapshots to capture some of atmosphere and experiences of the day. we will be praising God for a long time for the ways He brought people from death to life yesterday! (if you want to read jd's recap on sunday, go here) (ps alot of these pictures were taken by brian fleming photography - check him out!)

people filing into the stadium...gates opened at 9:30am for family games.

our spanish campus, Summit En Espanol, repping their section! :)

sweet view of the inside of the stadium, while the stands are still filling up...

summit worship pastors hank murphy and matt papa practicing sumo before the main event :)

west club campus pastor, brad obrien, getting ready to SUMO!

danny "ballpark" franks about to get plowed over by raudel "el torro" hernandez

summit worship team from all campuses leading us in praising Jesus

jd greear

panoramic view of the ballpark all filled up!!

jd getting to baptize his daughter, allie!

sweet momma (cher) with her son after baptism

while processing baptism cards, i found this.
"I'm getting baptized to publicly profess that Jesus is my everything, that without him I am condemned to death but with him I have eternal life."


  1. What an amazing day that must have been...10 years in the making? Wow! I can't imagine what it must have been like being there with 7200 worshippers and seing your brother baptized as one of 300! Praising God for The Summit's ministry.

  2. it was SO encouraging! you should check out this video our videographer made...it definitely made me cry.



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