Monday, September 12, 2011

the one bidding goodbye to reggie

rob and i decided that it was the best financial decision for us to sell my little reggie (for more info about my love/hate relationship with this dude, see here). the timing was right and we knew we didnt want to keep this car forever and could get significantly more for the car if we sold it now.

so, rob being the craig's list pro that he is, threw it on craig's list and sold it!! it was awesome. he wrote everything that could possibly be wrong with it, we had a couple people look at it and take it for a spin...and then one guy came, sat in it, checked to see if the air conditioning worked, and said he wanted it! it was so strange but awesome :) we were so weirded out that he didn't want to test drive it or get a car fax or anything that we didnt really believe it was sold until we had signed the title over and deposited the cash in our bank account. but we are so thankful!!

i will miss my little regg but i am also very happy we sold it :) here are some parting, nostalgic photos to commemorate our relationship.

isn't he pretty?

last time driving it... mixed emotions...

one last hug between friends.
(while we had our ups and downs, we parted on amicable terms) 

goodbyeeeeeee (a la sound of music)

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  1. Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow! Glad he found a good (?) home. Looks like the main thing the buyer wanted was AC!


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