Monday, September 19, 2011

the one featuring ashore photography

we interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to share some fun video and photos from rob's most recent FCA basketball clinic! (ps ive never blogged TWICE in one day so you know im dying to share this :) ) we hosted it two weekends ago at st. david's school and it was such a huge success! it was so so cool to see kids from all over the triangle come together to play ball, work on their skills, learn about character, and hear the Gospel. there were a ton of amazing volunteers and hubert davis even came at lunch time to share his testimony and answer questions (and sign autographs of course :) )

anderson shore graciously photographed the whole event, free of charge! his pictures are AWESOME. here's a sneak peek, but check out more photos here. also, you should contact him for your photography needs by going here.

we also got some amazing video footage from rob's friend, smith. he also did it for free and did an amazing job!! check out his video (with a sweet interview from my hubby) by clicking here.

thanks, smith and anderson!! and great job to my man for working so hard so that kids can hear and see the Gospel on display!

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