Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the one featuring molten lava cakes

rob and i made this deliciousness sunday night...

it was SOOOO good :)

a couple firsts for me in the kitchen:
1. first time using/knowing about custard cups
2. first time using/knowing about baking chocolate
3. first time separating out the yokes (is this an embarassing fact?)
4. first time making my own whipped cream!!! (most exciting)

it was really fun and only slightly scary. the recipe is pretty easy and makes you feel like a real baker :) i just decided i love making tiny delicious things.

the best part was the whipped cream. you take heavy whipping cream + sugar and then whip it...for like a long time. rob did not have any faith in me and kept saying "yeah, just keep sure it will thicken..." as he laughed loudly. BUT IT DID. (after approximately 7 solid minuts of whipping) and i dont even like whipped cream (should have thought of that BEFORE making it) but i loved this because i whipped it myself! :)

check out the instructions (and pioneer woman's wonderfully witty commentary) here.

my little baby. YUMMM.

terrible quality photo but you can see the gooeyness 
and yummy homemade whipped cream!!


  1. How could I have missed this recipe? I love Pioneer Woman and isn't that plate she used perfect? Must try these and good for you with all the firsts. Nothing better than REAL whipped cream!

  2. linda - they are SO good :) and how does she take such awesome pictures of her food? i can never make mine look so good :)


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