Thursday, September 8, 2011

the one where you get a tour

Warning:: this post is photo-heavy like whoa.

The last 3 weeks, we have been kickin' butt and takin' names here in the Shields casa! We've been reorganizing and rearranging everything...finding a place for everything we have and getting rid of anything that we don't have a place for. It's awesome!

While everything was newly cleaned and organized this past weekend, I decided to take advantage of this rare moment and get some photos of our whole apartment. I know one day when we've moved out and I'm missing our first apartment, I'll be glad I did :)

Of course we look forward to the days when we can paint the walls and change appliances, etc but for now we are thankful for a sweet place to live with just enough space and a great location.

I love this little home.

The master bedroom... i.e: the only bedroom :)

Three wedding photos above our bed, Pottery Barn duvet cover!, Restoration Hardware blanket, and the best bed EVER.

Our TV is all crooked and off center b/c that's the only way 
the cable hookup works pahaha. It cracks me up.

Over in the corner I hung up all the notes that Rob has given me since we've gotten married. Every time he leaves for a couple days for work,  he hides little notes for me to find. And sometimes when I get home from work, I'll be surprised by a sweet note on the front door. The man knows I love encouraging words...I am one lucky girl.

Recently we've gotten very creative with our little closet. We took off the door (we will hang a curtain when I find the right one) and now we have all this extra space where the door was blocking the wall. We're going to hang up identical shelves there. YAY!

More space!

Still have the honeymooners door sign that we stole from our honeymoon resort :) 

Bathroom. LOVE the double vanity. Where my bouquet is hanging now, I plan to do a little craft to help clean up the counter. And don't mind the handwriting at the top of the mirror...that's just an ongoing Uno game tally we have going on :)

I LOVE this shower curtain. It was a splurge for sure.
ps we have two showers in our bathroom? So weird! 

The view of the bedroom from the living room :)

Guest bathroom! So happy to have this little room...
It's hard to find one bedrooms with two bathrooms.
Still a few projects I'd like to do here :)

View of the sunroom from the living room.

 Rob loves this table in the middle because it looks so old timey and fancy. It's displaying his Ethiopian ivory chess set and his handmade chess box to hold the pieces... and my favorite Pottery Barn pocketwatch clock.

Some of our many books, extra decorations we are not using, 
and Rob's awesome baseball collection...some from his pitching days, and one for every stadium him, his dad & brothers went to growing up.

The laundry room, off the sunroom. Extra doors we have taken down :), storage, 
and Carolina spirit.

My favorite: Jackie Manuel.

View of the living room when you walk in the door.
Awesome leather couch, pictures on the shelves are the top places we want to go in the world. And that fireplace is just for looks :) 

Living room corner. Awesome armoire we scored from Craigslist before we moved in! Leather recliner I bought for Rob on his 25th birthday. 

 Beautiful map from Nama and Da Shields!!

Had to brag about my organization of the armoire. This where all my craft supplies live, as well as old journals, cards, and on the top:: All the gift bags I've collected and saved :) I'm really proud of the way I organized them.

Newly organized pantry/water closet! Rob hung those shelves, and we put in this old bookcase, took down the pantry door to use the wall space and hung up a ton of stuff! 
I'm also adding twinkle lights & a curtain tomorrow :)

Sleds and beach chairs. Not frequently used :)

Food up high, cleaning supplies, extra appliances, and Christmas decorations below.

Rob hung all of this up on one of his vacation days. Such a pleasant surprise!

I took this just to show how high Rob can hang stuff. It's awesome.

View of kitchen from the pantry! 
Just took those cabinet doors off as an experiment...I think we love it :)

Another kitchen view... blue lamp from Habitat Restore for $3, blue mason jars from our wedding, and alot of the glass/vases on top are thrifted

 Extra platters & bowls up top.

Love the pretty pictures of people/places we love.
And also Rob's childhood artwork and obsession with bulldogs :) 

Upcoming events on this side...and a flashlight for safety :)

Where all of our extra clutter and disorganization resides right now :)

View of kitchen (with our new table!!) from entrance

We love having a bookshelf in our kitchen. It makes it so homey!
Homemade chalkboard, spice rack from Ikea, apron from Anthropologie. 

Coat closet by the entrance. Rob just reorganized this and it looks AWESOME!

Settlers of Catan! Love!

View from the door.

So thankful to live here. Home sweet home!


  1. i am excited to see that you have some of my photography on your fridge (ie one of you and rob in the minibus!) thanks for the tour of your place, im glad yall are settling in nicely and having fun with the place. i like seeing your different craft projects all over; projects are what makes the place a home.

  2. thanks codyBABE! :) need to have you over next time you are in town - we miss you so much in RDU!!!


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