Thursday, September 29, 2011

the one with a new kitchen light!

I'm so excited about this one because it's still so new and we just finished it...and it all happened so quickly.

Remember our old kitchen lighting?

It's barely in that picture because I hated it so much... apartment light fixtures are the worst (slash the best best because they are free and the repairman will come change your lightbulbs for you).

Here's a closeup

Well I got this idea by looking at a similar light redo online this wasn't exactly the same but it got my wheels turning. I thought we might be able to find a drum lamp shade to fit over top this "gorgeous" glass dome/gold trim light fixture. I'm not talking about replacing the light fixture (because we are renters and we are not allowed...and also because of money)...just covering up the old one.

So I ran home during my lunch break on Tuesday and measured the width of the glass dome and then also the width of gold trim. Then I jetted out to Target to see if I could find any drum shades that wide.

And lo and behold, this beauty was waiting for me...on CLEARANCE. Normally $25, and complete with off white tones and a beautiful blue trim (to match our blue kitchen!) was marked down to $9.98! I was so excited!

It was the perfect width, but we just weren't sure how we would get it over top the glass dome. With some light fixtures you can just unscrew the light bulb and the cover will come off....but not this sucker.

We tried on Tuesday to see if we could just unscrew it by slowly taking apart different sections of the glass/gold pieces but none of it led to any success. We realized that we'd have to take the whole light fixture off and then slide the lamp shade on top, and then screw it back in. NOTE: we have never done any sort of electric work at all.

So last night, we randomly decided to try it...Rob unscrewed the top piece from the ceiling (yay for being tall) while I held the ridiculously heavy light fixture. And voila! Only 10 minutes later we were looking at this...

Because Rob had conquered this...

We just kinda stood there looking at each other in shock. :) Then we started shaking our arms like crazy because it hurts sooo bad to keep your arms above your head holding a heavy object for that long!

Our next task was to get rid of this metal ring in the middle of the lamp shade so that we could slide it over the pre-existing light fixture. We were waiting to alter the lamp shade at all until we knew it would probably work because we were gonna return it otherwise :)


I took this picture because I thought it would take awhile...

Then 3 seconds later, it came right off!
(doesnt my nose look huge here?)

I have no photos of the inbetween process...because we were twisting, and screwing in screws, and killing our arms...but VOILA! It was worth it! :)

We love it! It's fun, wayyyy prettier, super cheap and it ties in our kitchen much better. Plus it puts off a much more glowy and soft light, which I much prefer to any type of bright or harsh light.

Here's the before and after! yay!

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