Friday, September 23, 2011

the one with a new s

I did another pinterest craft this weekend :) It was so nice to be creative and crafty again and it was such an easy and mindless one. I've been really wanting some kind of wreath or door decoration for our home for awhile now...just something to say it's ours. So I saw this on pinterest and was hooked. First of all, it was simple. Second of all, it was my perfect last initial exactly. Third of all, I already had an s!


Sarah had given me this puppy as part of her present at a wedding shower :) I've been using it on my mantle, etc but have been trying to think of a creative and pretty way to display it.

S is for Shields.

So I bought some pretty creamy yarn from Michaels. And I got some pretty thick blue ribbon. I decided to go with navy blue because our door is red and so its difficult to go with really any bright color...and navy is pretty neutral and I can add embellishments for different holidays to change it up a little bit throughout the year.

Note: did not stray far from the inspiration :)

I had to try wrapping the yarn around the ends of the "S" lots of different ways to make it stay on. But it was very easy and didnt take much concentration. I just had to let go of it looking perfect and be happy with the little bits of uniqueness :) I'm really happy with the end result. I wanna add some little orange pinwheels to make it particularly fall-ish!

Finished product! Welcome home...

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