Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Blue Chairs

Yesterday, I showed y'all our beautiful exciting new table! :) Today I'd like to introduce you to the little sassy chairs that go with it.

Here's what the stain looked like on the chairs...and here's what the chairs looked like originally with the old fabric.

As I said yesterday, there a lot of curvy parts to our chairs so instead of staining, we decided to paint them! I bought beautiful blue fabric on sale from joann's fabric (I think it was memorial day). I picked a lighter blue indoor/outdoor fabric that has sort of a nautical look to it which we really liked to go with the sailboat painting hanging in the kitchen above the table.

We decided to paint the chairs a navy blue to compliment the fabric. We also considered white but with the white on the fabric, we thought it would be too much. So blue it was!

We headed to Lowe's and tried out a bunch of different blues until we settled on Valspar satin spray paint - Indigo Streamers. It's a beautiful color!

The only picture I have of the chairs fully sanded.

The chairs painted!! We still add two more coats of paint after this photo
It was tedious but worth it! 

Definitely the most fun part of this project for me was recovering the seat cushions. I was so excited to see them all fresh and pretty and it was SO simple and easy. After we took off the old fabric, we found another layer of even worse fabric :) We kept that on to help protect the cushions underneath.


 After we removed the old fabric, we laid out the new fabric, measured it out, and cut it into four pieces.

 Staple gun we bought at Lowe's

I found a great tutorial on recovering seat cushions here (at Young House Love, duh). I just followed their instructions verbatim. Super easy!

Underside of our newly covered cushion!

Ahhh! So beautiful!!

New cushion + old cushion :)

All four finished :)

Handsome handyman screwing in the cushions!!!

Check in tomorrow for the fully finished product tomorrow :) Here's a sneak peek...

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  1. Lots of elbow grease, hard work, & creativity... and all with a beautiful result.


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