Monday, September 5, 2011

the one with our new table!

We did it!! This past weekend we F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. completed refinishing our kitchen table and chairs! We could not be more thrilled or excited about how it turned out!

After we sanded all the flat sides with an electric sander, we totally lost steam. There were all these curvy pieces that we needed to finish by hand and we were totally overwhelmed. The table & chairs sat for months untouched...embarrassing.

Then one glorious day, I stumbled upon this post on one of my favorite blogs, Bower Power. It was so inspiring! And I realized how we could fix our dilemma. We decided to stain the tabletop as planned, but then paint the legs and bottom of the table white. I was a little nervous because this was so different & gutsy for me but we went for it! Rob loved the idea.

Our whole table + chairs are finished but I want to just focus on the table in this's the most important part :) Chairs may come and go but this table is staying put! Most of our instructions were from our friend, Ryan, but we also found some help (again from Bower Power) here. It was really simple, just a little tedious and you need to be patient and not rush through it.

A few pictures from way back when and then I'll bring you back to present-day :)

When we first met our little beauty at Goodwill for $60 :)

The table top, before sanding.

When we tried sanding by hand. FAIL.

 Electric sander = much better!

A week and a half ago... starting the staining! 

Preparing to stain. (Not pictured: Sarah Jane who was very key in the staining process :) )

Smelling the stain :) Minwax - Stain + Polyurethane. 

Applying the first coat of stain! 
(I think I was jumping up and down at this point)
The technique: apply a thin coat of stain, 
leave for a minute or two, 
then wipe.

Sooooo beautiful.

So you can see the difference between coats of stain.
We ended up doing 4 coats of stain.

We opted to do polyurethane as well, 
rather than just relying on the polyurethane already in the stain. 
We did 3 coats of Minwax - Polyurethane (Satin, fast drying).

On the left - no poly, on the right - poly. See the warmth it adds?

For the table legs, we used Valspar Primer Spray Paint + Rustoleum White Spray Paint + Rustoleum Glossy Sealant. We are very happy with how they turned out - kind of a dirty/antiqued white. For the bottom of the table, we used the same Rustoleum white paint (not spray) ... 3 coats for that.

When we got our table home and screwed in the legs!!! So so excited.

We used steel wool after the first & last coat of poly to smooth it out. 
(Steel wool - 3M 0000)

AH! We are so so excited about this table :) Next up - the chairs painted + recovered seats.


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