Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the one about more thrift store finds

another successful thrift store shopping trip :) the items below + a pretty dress were bought for a grand total of $15... that's right... TOTAL. yes. i love.

probably my favorite find. 
beautiful watercolor painting of pretty little bottles of herbs.
already hanging in my kitchen,
going to paint the frame a light gray i think :)

almost overlooked this at first. 
a watering can made completely of wood & twigs!
i love it -  it's so autumny. 
going to replace the dried "flowers?" with fall flowers :)

eeek!! christmas decor!! :)
i would have paid $15 alone just for these two items...

holiday china. (see explanation below)

rob and i decided not to register for nice china...instead we are going to buy all different patterns and plates from different antique/thrift stores to make up a mismatched eclectic holiday table :) i decided this weekend that im not going to buy even two of the same plates but each plate will be different and unique. i LOVE this first one... cream color with beautiful detail and gold rim. i cant wait for the holidays!

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