Thursday, October 6, 2011

the one about a safe

Last week, we had a robbery in our apartment building. Needless to say, it was a little unnerving and scary (mostly for me...Rob has no concerns about our safety :) ).

Some great things have come from this incident, though. I've compiled a little thankful list:

1. That we can have peace and rest, trusting our Father to keep us safe and provide for us.
2. The most important thing to us can never be stolen - our salvation.
...the next few are less important but still good...
3. It kicked our butts into gear to get some safety things done around the apartment that we have been putting off!
4. We've gotten to know all of our neighbors better and feel a real sense of community now. We are all looking out for each other. And Pam (our direct neighbor) is a single woman living by herself who we can tangibly care for now by watching her apartment while she's gone, or inviting her over when she feels uneasy being alone. I'm very thankful we live in such a friendly building where we actually know our neighbors.

So here are some safety measures we've finally completed!

1. Leave a nice note, just in case robbers come in :) (This is a joke, but it made me laugh! Pahaha I crack myself up...I was even going to leave cookies out but Rob said that was going a little too far)

2. Take video of all of our possessions for insurance. We have had renter's insurance for awhile but didn't have footage of all of our belongings so this motivated us to get it done. Let's hope no one ever has to see that because Rob's commentary is ridiculous!

3. Buy a safe. Now that we are grown-ups, we have a bunch of our important documents in our apartment (rather than our parents keeping them). We didn't want to lose these and also didnt want to just file them in a filing cabinet. So we've talked about buying a safe for awhile now...and we finally did! Some important things we were looking for::
-big enough for long term use (when we have kids, etc.)
-heavy enough to deter robbers (it's annoyingly heavy)

We actually found one for a great price at Target! (another reason to love that place). I wanted a serious one (like the one pictured below) and Rob wanted a cash we met somewhere in the middle :)
4. Get to know our neighbors. We talked with Pam and told her we'd let her know anytime we'd be out of town so she could keep an eye out for our apartment. We also told her to let us know when she'd be gone... I think this has helped relieve her fears and helped her feel more comfortable. It's good to have someone looking out for you when you're not there! And it's a great way to get to know your neighbors.

Any other suggestions y'all have? I'd love any advice :) And I know this blog makes me sound like I'm super freaked out - I'm not. I just want to be careful and smart. I know God's in control and worrying will not help anything :)

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  1. The sure to lock your doors and windows:) Use a timer when out of town to turn lights and even music on and off. Not sure what the rules are in an apartment, but a LONG deadbolt is a good thing too. Rescue a doggie, preferably a Springer(sorry, had to throw that one in)to stand guard.


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