Monday, October 3, 2011

the one featuring our new closet

The past few days have been quite eventful in the shields casa... mostly I've been in bed dealing with...


PLUS this...

Not too fun. (For those of you who didn't get that - I've had kidney stones) Let me tell you - worst pain I've ever felt. Sweet Rob has been taking such good care of me and I've forced myself to stay in bed pretty much since Thursday night. For those of you that don't know me, that is an incredibly difficult task so Rob said it was okay if we did one little minimal effort (for me) project :)

So we reorganized and "expanded" our closet! If you remember, I mentioned that we took the door off of our bedroom closet so that we could add a shelf to that wall and use all three walls. We've been trying to find the right size shelf, price shopping, and we finally got the shelf and got down to business this weekend. 

Before (door off, ready for change)

Rob did most all of the work. I just shifted some clothes around :) There is so much space! We can fit way more hanging clothes in there...I can't wait to shift things around more when I'm feeling better.

New shelf! Thanks, handyman.

Newly organized closet! Spaaaaace

New shelf with my dresses and baskets!

Rob's side (his clothes are SO big)

We've also been looking for a curtain to hang in the doorway to cover up the mess when we I want to :) I knew I wanted a gray patterned curtain (not striped) but couldn't find the right look for the right price. I was thinking about buying fabric and making my own but thennn we found these on sale at Target! Yay!

Whole shebang + our new curtain

The whole curtain - we probably won't leave it like this very much but I really love the gray pattern contrast in our room. It's such a nice break from the white walls!

Still need to make one or two more changes but there is already so much more space in there. Yay new closet!


  1. sorry! Tara has a friend who gets these and she has found herself doubled over and having to be carried by her hubby! Can't believe you still got a project done. Hope you feel better REAL soon!

  2. it was pretty painful but im on some medicine now which should help! :) thanks for your well wishes!!


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