Monday, October 31, 2011

the one on halloween

Happy Halloween!! :)

To celebrate this holiday, me and my two older sisters (becca & sarah) got together for a pinterest potluck! it was so fun!! i think we are gonna start doing it every season :) becca provided dinner, sarah got dessert, and i brought the pinterest inspired craft!

we made mummy candles! i am obsessed with them. they are the cutest things i ever saw.

finley + mummy in the background

close up of becca's mummies! eek!

my mummies

look how awesome they are in the dark! 

i also wanted to share some more of my halloween decorations...
including these GORGEOUS flowers from rob (from a few weeks ago)!

i dried out some of the flowers to keep them for our table...
i love those little punkins.

happy halloween! hope you have a fun night :)

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