Friday, October 28, 2011

the one on how to trick yourself into being productive

i discovered a new trick this week. i learned how to trick myself into getting things done around my home, after a lonnnnng tiring day at work.

usually this is my routine: walk in, drop my purse wherever it lands, limp over to the couch or bed, binge watch 2-3 episodes of FRIENDS, look at the clock - it's 6:30, and slap myself on the forehead because ive done absolutely nothing to get dinner ready.

me and the gang. i fit right in.

but here is my new plan!

1. come home and immediately walk into the kitchen to start preparing dinner. NOTE: this will take a serious pep talk (either in your head or out loud as your drive home). what you really want to do is go take a break (and if you have good self-control, you may be able to do that...but not me). you MUST stop yourself from collapsing onto the couch...once you do, there is no turning back.

2. trick yourself into thinking it is fun. you can do this many ways: music (i jammed out to rent yesterday while making wanna pick some music you can really sing along to), candles, a funny outfit while you cook, or maybe even FRIENDS playing in the background from a safe distance.

3. before you know it you are getting.things.done. wahoo!
4. maximize on your productivity/domesticity. while the chili was stewing, i started a load of laundry, and picked up our bedroom/bathroom. keep moving. once you stop: game over.

be her!

5. once you've accomplished all you set out to do, lay back and bask in your productivity! you did it!

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