Monday, October 17, 2011

the one where harrison heads home

hi friends! just popping in quickly to ask you to rejoice! and continue to pray with me for the smith family. you may remember me introducing you to him.... well sweet little harrison cole is growing and progressing so well that today him, his mom & dad are getting in the car (for the first time together) and driving from colorado to north carolina. we are SO excited to see him doing so well that he can go home, but this is obviously a HUGE undertaking by josh & erin. you can read their blog post today as they reflect and look ahead.

recent photos of harrison just a few days ago...

please pray for josh & erin as they make this long trip - pray for peace, wisdom, rest, and for their trust & strength to be anchored in the Lord. pray for sweet harrison to be strong and to stay healthy as they drive home.

cant wait to hold this little man in my arms one day!

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  1. Wow...praise the Lord! Harrison is certainly a little miracle boy, and I will be praying for their safe travel home to NC!


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