Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the one where im a geek

there are a few companies that i just love... coke, apple, and google. this post will highlight one part of my obsession with google :)

since we've been married, ive obviously been learning a lot in the kitchen - trying lots of new recipes, ingredients, and even cooking tools! lately, ive been trying to focus on planning our meals better, rather than coming home from work, relaxing for 30 minutes, and then all of a sudden realizing im hungry and wondering what we are going to eat. (i cant tell you how many times this has happened...)

so about 3 weeks ago, i made a new google calendar and started planning our meals using our calendar. it's worked GREAT for us. 

not our calendar, but an example i found online :)

since rob and i both use our google calendars to schedule everything...we share our calendars with each other. so he can see my schedule and i can see his. since i can already see both of our calendars - it makes scheduling for meals SO easy because i figure out what nights i dont need to plan for based on his work schedule or our plans out. 

with google calendar, i can also easily move one meal to another day if we have a last minute change of plans...and i can see how long ago i cooked a meal. i also put my recipes in the "notes" section so that i can just copy the same meal to another day, including the recipe. 

example of a scheduled meal with recipe in the description section

(ps this recipe is alright...it wasn't the best enchiladas ive ever had so im probably gonna keep hunting for another easy enchilada recipe)

basically i love it so far :) ill let you know if i change my mind but i would highly suggest trying it out! especially if you have a smart phone - because you can take your meal plan to the grocery store and pick out your ingredients easily. 

hope this helps someone....and yes i know im a geek :)


  1. I have a great recipe. Let me dig it out and send it your way :)

  2. yay! awesome :) cant wait to see it, bridgette!!
    ps your wedding photos are AWESOME - the wedding looks like it was gorgeous! congratulations!


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