Friday, October 14, 2011

the one with books i am reading

there are a few books im reading this fall that reading is so good for me - it exercises my imagination and my brain, and it's much healthier than watching tv all the time or being on my computer. the only downside is that when im reading a good story, i can attach to/become the character too easily and it's hard to enter back into reality :)

1. im a little behind on this one but i LOVE it so far. superb writing. one of the ladies i work with (bonnie) lent me this little gem and im enjoying it so much! my dad also highly recommended this to rob & i.

2. this book is so good! as ive mentioned before, my pastor, jd greear, just came out with this book on october 1st and it's incredible. i highly recommend it (and not just because he's my pastor!)

3. this is next on my list. and i cannot wait! ive heard it's awesome...

4. whenever i want a break from my typical reads, i pick up "the diary of a young girl - anne frank". one of my favorites forever. (picked up this gem at a thrift store - check it out).

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