Monday, October 24, 2011

the one with my current to do list

here are my next/in-process holiday projects that im really excited about! they are all, of course, from pinterest.  i really want to tackle them but right now i am lacking courage/energy to jump in so im hoping that by putting these up here, it'll make me do it :)

as always, click on each photo to see the source.

sparkly branches for christmas time :)

mummy candles for halloween! i <3 googley eyes!

some orange/fall colored rosettes for my "s" on my door

sarah did this last year and i LOVED it

i know you've all seen this all over the place on pinterest
but i really do want to do this

make my own advent calendar :)

pahaha love these ghosts!!!

i could go on and on...but im actually planning to DO all of these!

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