Monday, November 21, 2011

the one about baby boy

dear friends, please join me in praying for a dear friend of mine (and co-worker of mine at the Summit). my friend is pregnant with her first child - she's 26 weeks. yesterday they were admitted to the labor & delivery ward at wake med raleigh due to extremely high blood pressure. they will need to deliver her baby boy within the next 24 hours.

this is obviously very early and sudden. my friend and her husband however are very hopeful and remaining very positive. they are amazed at the Lord's faithfulness to them already and are trusting Him through this scary time.

please pray for continue peace and rest for them. pray that they will continue to lean on the Lord during this time and trust in Him. (He is before all things and in Him all things hold together) pray for them to continue to believe that the Lord's promises for them are good and He loves baby boy more than we could every imagine.

practically pray for my friend to remain stable and for her to be able to have a spinal block when they deliver. also pray for them to be able to wait maybe even another 24 hours before they need to deliver the baby to give him more time to develop. pray that the Lord will continue to sustain his life.

ill give you more updates as they come! my friend is such a sweet friend and i am so encouraged by her faith and hope in Christ during this time... the text i received from her this morning said "i cant wait to tell you how He has been so faithful"... praise God.

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