Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the one celebrating susan's girls

this past saturday, me and a sweet friend/co-worker (amy labarr), threw a baby shower for another sweet coworker/friend, susan :) she is pregnant with twin girls, due in february! it was really fun to put together and a really special time with alot of friends & co-workers from the Summit. it's always so good for our friendships when we actually get to spend time with each other outside the office! :)

amy labarr hosted it at her beautiful home. it was so fun to see her house and throw the shower with her. she is such a wonderful hostess!

rob helped me prep the night before 
(and that's a birthday sign for cait behind him - we decorated our wall for her bday so that we could have a festive atmosphere when we face time'd her for her bday)

making pink poms!

love the girlyness in my car on the way to the shower :)

setting up the food table

cutest baby sign from michael's! :)

susan loves delicate feminine touches so we decided to have tea (decaf of course for the pregnant ladies) in my mom's china teacups

the counter set up with baby shower bingo game cards

yummy punch by amy labarr!

milk and cookies :)

beautiful china from my mom and amy labarr

the yummy food starts to arrive... :)

susan, alyson, and heather - so blessed to work with these girls!

susan and her mom :)
(and abigail & evelyn!)

alyson and monica getting some tea

presents!! :)

amy labarr's sister has twin girls so they came by to see susan and give her a gift :) it was so precious!

all the women at the shower! (minus sarah welch)

susan with the twins! :)

amy labarr, susan, and me :)

we love you susan (& graham) and cannot wait to meet your sweet little girls :)


  1. was so very sad to miss! Looks absolutely lovely!

  2. thanks lauren! we missed you being there - but im sure there will be MANY more baby shower opportunities for us to see each other :)


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