Thursday, November 3, 2011

the one with all the organizing

lately i have been l.o.v.i.n.g. some organizational tips/photos. im not ocd but i definitely have some tendencies :) i wanted to share some fun ideas i've discovered all over and pinned on pinterest.  i also just found a blog from a friend that i am becoming quite obsessed with: IHeart Organizing. this girl can whip some mess into shape! its a mixture of intimidating/inspiring :)

one of my favorite projects on her site:
her boys' closet

put your already opened paint into these mason jars and label the lids! it's so much prettier and easier to identify.

great tip for organizing scarves!

oh to have this incredible storage for my pots and lids!!
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

i cannot wait until i have a drawer deep enough to do this :)
it's just like camp!
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

oh please give me this. i promise i will wrap presents for you all day!
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

i don't care what you tell is impossible to make sheets look this pretty... but i want to try so bad!
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

love: the baskets, the neatness, and all the crisp whiteness :)

happy organizing! but make sure you leave some mess around so i still feel like i can come over :)

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