Monday, November 28, 2011

the one with an update on sweet baby boy

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday this past week :) ours was fantastic - much needed rest and downtime, as well as plenty of time to reflect on what we have to be thankful for.

i also wanted to give y'all a quick update on sweet baby boy. he really is such a fighter and i think it's safe to say that many of us have fallen in love with this little boy :) there is much to be thankful for and praise God for hearing our prayers - he is stable, he had a central line put in with no complications, and his parents report that his nurses & doctors are seeing the effects of our specific prayers making a difference. thank you for praying with us!

sweet boy

here's a brief note from the parents to give you more of an idea...
The last two days have gone forward with little to no problem. From what we are learning in the nicu, this is a rare occasion. It is a very interesting environment in the neonatal icu. Every few minutes you can hear the sound of alarms telling the nurses that a certain baby is not breathing rightly, or that another baby’s heart has slowed down drastically. Every time you hear the bells you catch yourself hoping it is not your baby, and then you recognize you do not want it to be any baby. our boy has been on his best behavior lately and has not set off too many bells. But he has his moments as well. Those are extremely hard for his mom and me to watch. As scary as the nicu is, the nurses are on the ball and never seem too frazzled. They just remind us that babies speak with their actions not with their words. I wanted to thank you guys for your prayers. They have been answered in so many ways. Not only in our boy's health, but also in the manner in which God has cared for his mom and me through this situation. There really are not any huge updates on our boy at this moment. He has stayed very calm and steady for the last two days. The next major issue we need to overcome continues to be his lungs. They are still showing a bit of fluid, and if it progresses, the doctors will have to switch him to a slightly more aggressive respirator to clear it up. We really do not want that to happen. So, all of you prayer warriors, please pray that our boy's lungs clear up soon, and pray the he is able to be taken off the respirator completely. Thank you guys so much and please know that you are the ones that are holding us up at this time.
please continue to pray with us and believe on behalf of this family and baby for the following::

  1. continued development in his lungs, specifically for no fluid 
  2. consistent weight gain
  3. peace, rest, comfort, and nearness of the Lord for the parents as they stand by his side
also, many of you have expressed desire to help in whatever way you can (beyond prayer) - if you are interested in that, please let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me.


  1. I would love to so whatever I can to help. Let me know what they need!

  2. Thank you sweet, Nicole. We love you! LJ, Amy, and Sam


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