Thursday, December 8, 2011

the one featuring "she's better than dreams"

im so thrilled to share that my good friend, jonathan edwards, is releasing a new cd, "she's better than dreams"! it's scheduled to come out 1.10.12 - which is great news...we have less than a month to wait :)

jonathan gave me a sneak peek of his cd and asked me to review it here! my very first cd review on ye olde blog :)

first of all:: jonathan has one of my very favorite voices. and you know im not even lying about that because we asked him (and our other good friend, bethany - another favorite voice) to sing at our wedding ceremony!
JE prepping at the rehearsal dinner

bethany and jonathan singing at our wedding! it was so beautiful

this is jonathan's second cd - and if you're wondering why im talking about about jonathan when it says "aftermath" on the cover...that's his stage name :) and something that is truly exciting to me is that jonathan redid one of my favorite songs on the old cd - airplanes and airwaves. this time is much more mellow and more acoustic. it really shows off jonathan's voice and the great lyrics in this song. i like this version even better than the first.

one thing to listen to on this cd - the lyrics. he really puts so much thought, emotion, and time into all of the words in the songs - it really is poetry put to music.

this cd is about not letting our dreams of perfect people keep us from the beauty & depth we are missing in the people right in front of us. he focuses on not wanting the "woman of his dreams" but wanting the woman he is with in reality... but beneath that is a real truth of how we can become dissatisfied with our real lives, when God has given us SO much beauty & joy in the "real". what a great reminder. (to watch him do a much better job of explaining the title, see his video here.)

this CD was really fun for me to listen to - i found it very soothing and easy. (one of the best compliments i could give - that's what i look for in music, these days.) his lyrics are really catchy and easy to remember because they are so well-written. i love the variety and wide display of styles & instruments - seriously cool.

so check it:
*go here for more information about Aftermath, Jonathan Edwards, and his upcoming CD -

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*BUY THE ALBUM: set to release January 10, 2012!

*okay, okay - you want more?! check out his first album, "The Aftertaste of Abandonment" -

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