Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the one with all the christmas decorations

Yesterday was my 100th post!! :) Hurray!

What better way to celebrate than by sharing some of my Christmas decorations :) I'm not quite finished yet but I'm happy with the way it is looking so far! Since we are having a pretty tight budget this Christmas, it was fun to think of creative ways to decorate without breaking the bank.

My sweet Mother-in-law gave me this cute little glass tree for my desk at work :) I LOVE IT

My mom always had a beautiful little village that she would expand every Christmas and it was my favorite part of the decorations. This year I could not wait to start our own. We bought two tiny little houses from Walmart and one cathedral from Goodwill. We love them!

The one on the left is a beautiful house (because we are trying to buy a house this year), and the one on the right is a little bakery that we bought because we loved the shape of it :)

Beautiful old radio from Da & Nama Lancaster! We loooove listening to Christmas music on it because it makes us feel like we are in the old days :)

We just got our stockings yesterday! At first I wanted burlap but then we decided that we were both more excited about some that were unique and a mixture of different materials.

Snowman for me because that's my favorite holiday decoration

Santa for Rob because he believes in him. 

Oil lanterns that we bought for our reception! It makes the living room so incredibly homey

Christmas soap dispenser in the guest bathroom :)

New tablecloth and red chargers with our china!

Please note the snowman cookie jar ;) Thanks, Cait! (Yes we did register for this on our wedding registry)

Since we used white lights on the tree...we hung these up for Rob in our bedroom :)

Tiny little teensy tree on my dresser :) I've had this cutie pie since I was in 5th grade!! It was originally from the Dollar Tree - It was cute in it's prime time but now it's just sentimental and makes me laugh at how long I've kept up with it.

Manly man hanging our old fashioned white lights (the ones with the big bulbs!) in our sunroom windows

Can you guess which apartment is ours?

And just for kicks...this is my favorite ornament on my parent's tree - Sarah's homemade Santa. pahaha!

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