Monday, December 12, 2011

the one with a holiday breather

christmas does something to me. the day after thanksgiving, i get filled to the brim with christmas spirit and it results in a ton of energy, hyper-active productivity and non-stop "doing". in some ways it's good - i get a ton done and i looooove doing christmasy things.

but what rob is helping me to see is that i run.myself.into.the.ground. (dad i know you are shaking your head right now saying "when will you learn, nicole?") i can't tell you how many times my dad (and now my husband) have told me to learn how to sit down and rest. my dad always says that i "burn the candle from both ends". it's a common nicole trait but it gets even worse at christmastime.

so last night, rob forced me to lay down, watch some friends, and relax...and stop:: wrapping presents, cleaning, planning, and making lists :) it was really hard to do but extremely good for me. so i thought i'd take a note from rob and remind each of you to do yourself some good, sit down, drink a cup of hot chocolate, stare at your pretty christmas tree, and just enjoy the season :) it's good for your soul.

need some ideas for how to relax? here are some suggestions :)

hot chocolate with cloud marshmallows

glowy christmas tree

cozy socks

sweet words of truth from Scripture

snuggle up with a classic book :)

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  1. Your Daddy and Hubby are wise men! Thank you for the reminder and the suggestions for relaxing and enjoying the true spirit of Christmas. Somehow I never picture Christ harried, or hurried, and I want to be like Him!


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