Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the one with mornings

nicole's super tips on how to trick yourself into getting up in the morning::

1. live in a one-bedroom apartment and have your christmas tree on a timer so that when it wakes up, you have no choice but to wake up. NOTE:: this will backfire if your timer malfunctions - if your tree wakes up randomly at 4am, believe me, so will you.

2. when you open your eyes to check the clock, put something funny/interesting/exciting right next to the clock that will make you laugh and/or intrigue you. if you wake up your imagination or your sense of humor, it's harder to go back to sleep.

this little guy would be perfectly hilarious
a jazzercise troll! i dont even know how i found this but i want it.

3. set your alarm to go off every 5 minutes.

ye olde snooze button.

4. get your coffee pot ready the night before and set the timer for it to automatically make coffee when you need to wake up so that the smell of coffee wakes up your tummy.

i heart coffee.

5. if all else fails - just keep sleeping! it's SO worth it! :)

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