Thursday, December 29, 2011

the one with tacky christmas day

My favorite day of the whole year!! When the ladies of the office dress up in tacky Christmas wear and celebrate Christmas! :) This is the third year of tacky Christmasness in the office and the best participation we've had yet :)

Let's flash back to previous years...

2009 - The first year! My favorite parts: Lori with her coordinating tackiness and the fact that Bonnie participated! :)

2010 - The ladies threw me a surprise wedding shower on Christmas Tacky Day! So so so perfect :)

This year was so fun! We had so many people participating - and even some who couldn't be there, were texting and asking for pictures :) (We especially missed Bonnie, Sue, and Amy!!!)

I took this picture before I left for work so that I could send it to Amy, Bonnie, and Susan. (I'm such a dork)

And here we are in 2011! Look at that awesomely tacky group :)

One more with Amy! I love all the antlers this year..
And my favorite outfit was definitely Sarah's sweater that she HAND MADE - just awesome.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the Santa pin that Heather and I both saved from last year :) 

I love the ladies I work with at my office!! So blessed :) And good golly I love tackiness!

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