Friday, December 2, 2011

the one with THE tree

the day after thanksgiving hit me with a huge wave of relief - i could finally start celebrating christmas!! :) this year it was especially hard for me to stick to my strict "no christmas before thanksgiving" rule because i just couldn't wait to decorate our first home together for christmas! i almost caved on multiple occasions but somehow made it to that blessed black friday when i could celebrate guilt-free!

step one:: pull out all my christmas socks :)
(this is not all of them, mind you)

then we set out to find THE tree. we actually went to three different tree farms before we found the right place for us. the sketchiest one we went to was in a parking lot off 70E and the lady selling the trees reminded me straight up of estelle from friends so we jetted the heck outta was a creepy place.

we ended up at a sweet little place in brier creek - the guy who sold it to us is from grandfather mountain and is here selling trees for a couple weeks. (if you live in's in the parking lot between kohls and walmart - you should totally buy your tree there)

we decided we could not get a tree that is small because rob is so big

i mean, he could easily step on a little one without ever seeing it.

surveying our options...

our tree - all loaded up and ready to go!

and then we went next door to kohl's and rob bought me the best ornament ever!! obsessed.

now, you should know that we had a HEATED debate for the past year about whether we would put white lights or colored lights on our tree. we even took it to the facebook/twitter world - check it out:

  • as it gets closer to Christmas, I get really excited...but also really nervous bc rob and I still haven't settled the white vs. colored lights debate...

  • Mallory Little likes this.

    • November 14 at 9:50pm ·  ·  1

    • November 14 at 9:52pm ·  ·  1

    • Courtney Little Shelton R u kidding me? That's still going on?! Y'all may need to make an appt w/Caroline or brad...
      November 14 at 9:56pm ·  ·  1

    • Nicole Shields hahaha courtney! thanks for advice but really I just wanna know where your allegiance lies...white or colored?
      November 14 at 9:58pm · 

    • Lauren Baggett oh man biggest holiday disagreement for us!! Let's just say I have won the debate for 5 years in a row...
      November 14 at 10:03pm · 

    • Mallory Brown Which is your preference Nicole? which one did you grow up with? We used white, my fiancĂ© is colored....
      November 14 at 10:36pm · 

    • November 14 at 10:36pm · 

    • Nicole Shields white lights!!! the only way to go :)
      November 14 at 10:36pm · 

    • Mallory Brown I agree!
      November 14 at 10:42pm · 

    • Sally White COLORED.
      November 14 at 10:50pm ·  ·  1

    • Lauren McKay White :)
      November 14 at 10:52pm · 

    • Audra Hodges I do allow some color lights on our back deck... :-) love the white lights in the garland up the stair case and on the tree!
      November 14 at 10:53pm · 

    • Alexis Ridgeway Go white and accessorize with lots of color ornaments- problem solved! Haha : ) missss you!
      November 14 at 11:08pm · 

    • Lisa Gosselin I'm a white light lover too! Im with you, Nicole.....
      November 14 at 11:33pm · 

    • Talia Alley we must have a chat about this tomorrow!!
      November 15 at 12:23am · 

    • Will Krebs Small colored lights... I mean, assuming you guys love Jesus.
      November 15 at 2:45am · 

    • Nicole Shields whoa this is awesome feedback. I'm hearing white lights loud and clear :) YES
      November 15 at 6:48am ·  ·  1

    • Ginger Lancaster Shields i wanted white when i first got married... i was overruled somehow!!! good luck!!
      November 15 at 7:21am · 

    • Rebecca Keegan Stephenson Pat was colored lights. I nipped that in the bud. Do work.
      November 15 at 8:21am ·  ·  1

    • Catherine Charlton White colored lights on the tree. absolutely. white outside.
      November 15 at 8:23am · 

    • Sally White Nicole, you are not hearing white lights loud and clear young lady. Take it back.
      November 15 at 8:47am · 

    • Liz Hill One inside, one outside.
      November 15 at 8:49am · 

    • Kiersten Keegan whoa. why are you talking about the other holiday? Dad would be appalled.
      November 15 at 10:15am · 

    • Linda Leimone decorate 2 trees....
      November 15 at 10:19am · 

    • Kathryn Trice Girl- I understand. This is a big deal!
      November 15 at 11:24am · 

    • Toni Berlandy White... all the way.
      November 15 at 3:24pm · 

    • Nicole Shields okay - sally:: I thought you were classier than that. and thanks to everyone for the helpful compromise suggestions! unfortunately we don't have an "outside" since we are in a 1 bedroom apt but we are throwing around some other less central ideas for the colored lights to be incorporates in a small way :)
      November 15 at 3:26pm · 

    • Helen Stewart Keegan wow - did you touch a chord with this or what? :)


 Nicole Shields 

as it gets closer to christmas I get really excited...but also really nervous bc we still havent settled the white vs. colored lights debate

 Trevor Atwood 

 Why are you a Xmas lights racist?

 Trevor Atwood 

 I have a dream. Xmas lights beauty isn't the color of their shine, but the content of their character. Separate isn't equal

 Jody Porowski 

  if you have to compromise...colored lights on the tree and white everywhere else...

 Jody Porowski 

 can I weigh in?! Sorry RobShields3rd white lights all the way!
 Maggie Haigh 

 you could compromise. Doug and Teri do colored on the inside and white on the outside. You can always turn off the colored.

can you believe how much of a response we got?? pahaha love it! anyway, rob being the giving person that he is decided to let me have white lights on our tree :) he's da best.

we got the lights strung up and rob suggested we put the coke ornament on first :)

i was so excited to find two gifts from last year from one of my favorite families, the thompsons. one was awesome, one was unfortunate. the awesome gift was that i found these ornaments that people decorated for us for our first christmas last winter at a wedding shower that jen threw for me! i was so excited to find them and hang them up on our tree. thanks again, jen!!

the other was a strand of LED colored lights from the thompsons. they are "team colored lights" and wanted rob to win :) let's just say, rob was ecstatic he found them.

so without further ado, here's the finished product! :) i'm in love. every morning when i wake up or at the end of the day when i come home - i can't wait to see it all lit up (we have a timer for the lights so that it comes on when we wake up/come home and shuts off when we go to sleep/leave the apt). it's such a glowy homey pretty christmasy treat!

i made rob take my picture with the tree...
he puts up with alot, ps.

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

ill be back soon with more of our christmas decorations! :)


  1. Love being featured on your blog. Makes me feel famous. I love white lights, but the lone strand of colored lights makes me smile, too. Loved all your Christmas decor!!

  2. :) well you will be featured again soon! im going to put up some snapshots from treerific here in a few days. we love your family!


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